Super Storm on the Sun can paralyze life on Earth
Monday, April 20/09


super storms on our Sunny day may have enormous consequences for life on Earth. Briefly, we are witnessing a magnificent spectacle, but soon the effects will be clear. The Earth is a mystery and we return to a time without electronics. All organization on the planet collapsed into one another: no lights, no distribution, no gps, no transport, ... It may sound unlikely, but it's ever happened. And it would have three years to happen.


Medieval modes
This is what, according to a negative scenario could happen: after sunset colors the sky fiery red. We are treated to a wonderful show and even in Western Europe see the northern lights. Ninety seconds later, the light from Earth. By noon, we can not make phone calls and radio signals weaken. The internet dies out. A year later we find the western world in the greatest economic crisis ever. All one hundred thousand Europeans were killed by famine. Disease free.


Eleven years
This may well sound like the script of a cheap disaster, it's not so unlikely as it seems. According to the magazine 'New Scientist' is a super-storm on the Sun one of the main threats to humans. It's already happened in 1859 and it is a phenomenon that every eleven years may return. During a storm fires electrical particles from the Sun with the Earth in contact. Usually a storm on the Sun without which we are about brands. Now would that be possible, because the signal on our mobile phones may be disrupted. In the air than we can see a light.


Occasionally creates a super-storm in which a huge mass is emitted. And although very rare, the Earth will be affected. That was the case on the morning of September 1, 1859. A British scientist Saturday that day by a telescope to the Sun peeking. He saw something he could give no explanation. Barely 48 hours later hit the Earth. To the tropical south, the northern lights visible. It was midnight so bright that you could easily read a book.


Modern world
It seemed as if the Earth was surrounded by electricity. In 1859 this phenomenon was not more than a natural spectacle. In the modern world the effects would be much higher. Our technology would together pay and overloaded networks. There will not recover damages, which the world at night is a mystery. Airplanes can not take off because navigation systems inoperative fall. Humanity would have to survive this tragedy, but it will take decades to restore everything.

According to predictions in 2012 again a raging storm on the Sun. Nobody can predict whether the situation of 1859 will repeat itself. It might be 2023 or even until much later. But it is certain that it ever could happen again ... (gb)


Source: hln.be

Translated version of http://www.hln.be/hln/nl/961/Wetenschap/article/detail/825421/2009/04/20/Superstorm-op-de-Zon-kan-leven-op-Aarde-lam-leggen.dhtml