Symptoms of Bed Sores The common symptoms associated with the occurrence of bed sores


Bed Sores Symptoms, Causes, Remedy and Diet
There are some common causes of Bed Sores

Some common causes that lead to bed sores are:

- Restricted activity due to confinement to bed, chair or wheelchair
- Inability to change position by self as and when required or incase of discomfort
- Moisture causing conditions such as bladder incontinence, loss of bowel control cause moisture accumulation on the skin causing irritation to skin
- Dehydration and poor nutrition are also main causes that lead to undernourished skin conditions and consequently cause bed sores
- Bed ridden patients experience decreases levels of mental awareness on account of medications or other reasons and therefore do not react immediately to the need of changing positions or easing discomforting positions in bed or chair.

Remedies for Bed Sores
Bed Sores home remedies and natural cures, Questions and answers
Suggested remedies to treat and prevent bed sores

- Avoiding continuous pressure on any one area by changing positions at least every two hours
- Use a ripple mattress or ripple bed such that circulation of blood is effected throughout the body
- Air mattresses, cushions, pillows or other forms of support can also help change positions
- Massage the body or employ possible physiotherapy to exercise parts of the body
- Eat a well balanced and nutritive meal with extra proteins to maintain healthy tissues
- Keep skin clean and dry at all times

Diet for Bed Sores
Bed Sores : Home Remedies suggested by users
Healthy diat is necessary.

- In general, a diet rich in vitamin C and zinc has been proven to improve wound healing
- Protein rich foods also keep tissues healthy from such disorders
- A dietician needs to assess the nutrition levels of the patients before suggesting an appropriate diet in compliance with the disability or reason behind being bed ridden

Suggestions for Bed Sores
It is important to assess the following considerations in avoiding or treating bed sores

- Periodically checking the risk factors that may cause bed sores
- Maintaining hygiene and ideal skin conditions
- Ensuring appropriate hydration and adequate nutrition levels
- Educating members of the family on providing acre to avoid bed sores to patients