[Must Read!] Tesla's H.A.A.R.P Emitting Death Rays?


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HAARP Unleashes Tesla Death Ray | Science and Technology

by Terence Ayms

Really scary stuff, if it's true that this creation by man can be so destructive. I've seen the headlines about this island, but initially dismissed it. Now that I've read this article perhaps its possible. The fact that H.A.A.R.P could be weaponized like this never crossed my mind. What monstrosity has been created in the name of science? What if they weaponize the other 73 of them? Scary and spooky times.

Disturbing evidence is emerging that HAARP has been weaponized. Noted Brazilian physicist, Dr. Fran De Aquino, recently asserted the fully functional HAARP network is not only modifying weather and geophysical events, it may also be warping space and gravity—even time! Now applications of Nikola Tesla’s legendary “Death Ray” weapon may have been activated.