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15 aug 2011

~reupload from: ~sailing on a journey with author of "Tuning the Diamonds, Electromagnetism & Spiritual Evolution", Susan Joy Rennison is a geophysics researcher & expert on space weather & earth changes. Susan summarizes the material in her book & how it relates to current environmental changes; she has been researching changes in the earths energy field, astrophysics, unidentified aerial phenomena, solar cycles, magnetars, human & planetary energy fields, metaphysics, astrophysics, plasmoid behaviour, plasmic shields, plasma entities, mayan elders & the recent spirals appearing in the sky. Susan Joy Rennison has an honors degree in Physics and Geophysics from a British University, she is an independent researcher and author of "Tuning the Diamonds - Electromagnetism & Spiritual Evolution". She joins us to talk about her new essay called "The Greatest Transition in the History of Mankind - The Return to Paradise" and what she calls "The New Cosmic Age". What is happening in our universe? How are we being influenced by cosmic changes and space weather? Topics Discussed: Space Weather, the Ether, 1989, Mayan Elders, Cosmic Energies, Space Environment, Killer Electrons, Gamma-Ray Bursts, Energies from Deep Space, Magnatars, Upgrade of the Human, Space-Time Changes, Earthquakes, Shifting Into a Higher Energy Point, The Effect on Humans, Clash of two Magnetic Fields, Plasma Manifestation of the World Tree, HAARP, EISCAT, Missile Defense Shield, X-Men, Crop Circle, "Evolutionary Bomb", Metaphysics, Synesthesia, Near Death Experience, Intuition, Brain Rewired, Daniel Tammet, One out of Twenty Three, Raising The Kundalini Energy, Evolutionary Process, Norwegian Spiral, Plasma Phenomena, Plasma Mythology, Intelligence Supervising Everything in the Universe, Universal Intelligence, Jose Arguelles, Rainbow Bridge, 2012 and more. We'll go deeper into the areas of the plasma phenomena in our next hour with Susan. We talk about UFO's, "plasma entities" as another form of life that now is increasing in numbers on the planet , according to Susan. Are our ancestors returning? We talk about organic dust, earth lights, fire balls and the incredible number of sightings that are happening around the world. It's something else then nuts and bolts space ships, these are balls of light, ball lightning, orbs being seen. We tie in the crop template or crop circle communication aspect into this as well. Is there an interaction going on with this phenomena? We ask Susan how strange things will get in the future as an increase of cosmic rays and cosmic radiation seems to be the case. Planes have already been affected by cosmic radiation, how bad could it get? This is a very intriguing second hour that you shouldn't miss if you're curious to hear more about the phenomena and what Susan believes is going on and how this could pan out in the years to come.