The Atlantis - Bahamas


The Atlantis - Bahamas


The Bridge Suite of the Atlantis spans both of the two Royal Towers of the hotel, and are connected with - you guessed it - a lavish bridge. The 1,400 square-metre suite, adorned in red, black and gold, consists of twelve rooms, including a massive living room with entertainment centre, bar and grand piano. There's oversized walk-in showers, walk-in closets that you could park a car in, and an 800 square-foot balcony, so you better plan on inviting friends. Besides, they could always stay in the guest suite which features its own set of walk-in amenities. Maybe they could also split the C$27,000 a night rate with you, if they are nice. You won't ever have to worry about privacy, with his- and -her master bathrooms, and a kitchen with its own entrance , so even the butler or cook will never bother you.


The Atlantis Paradise Island is a waterpark and resort and located on Paradise Island, The Bahamas. Paradise Island first opened its Coral and Beach Towers as the Trump Plaza, then changed its name to Atlantis when the Royal Towers were built.

Linda Brown

New member
I remember that same area.... many, many years ago... when it was still called " Hog Island"
It was gorgeous then. I am not sure the towers are that much of an improvement but the pink sand probably feels just the same under your feet....Looks like a good suggestion for a vacation...

I doubt that I could afford it now. <g> Linda