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This video was sent to me just over a month ago. Unfortunately, I hadn't got to looking at it until now. I am posting this on behalf of the person who emailed this to me, the artist's Mother. :)

Thank you Mrs. Phillips for sharing this with me! :)

I am including the write-up for the video as posted on Youtube, this includes lyrics.

Michael Phillips said:
Welcome to America by MicP (off of the new mix-cd/album "2012 & Beyond")

To any and everybody who may listen to "Welcome to America". I feel the need to attach a disclaimer to this song I wrote. This is not an anti-American song. Not at all! Being critical of America is what made this country as great as it has been, ever since America's very beginning. The information in the song is mainly public domain-except where I discuss the "masters with tricks who know best how to keep a secret."
My intentions for the chorus of the song ("they say the roads are paved with gold, but I say save your soul") are to point at the deeper meaning of what it means to be human rather than our individual identities of nationhood. More than a nationality, a race, etc.. we are human beings having a human experience. Straight up and down!
I love America and I am proud to be able to voice this song into public domain. In the turbulent times were living in I believe it is necessary for people to voice what they know and their opinions in a free and open manner. I wish peace for all mankind. Who doesn't?
Enough said for now, enjoy the song. Peace (English) = Shalom, Salaam. Namaste
Truly Yours, MicP

"Welcome to America
With love (x2)

They say the roads are paved with gold but I say save your soul/ Welcome to America

Welcome to the western hemisphere/ where whites are immigrants too. How'd our ancestors get here?/ Montezuma to Tripoli, history's tainted/the mystery of iniquity put diseases in Indian's blankets/ land of the brave huh? That's what they say/ also the land of the trans-atlantic slave trade/ now we're slaves to the pay, federal paving the way/ citizens going sovereign, ditching ship like mayday/ corporate tools looking cool in their beamer's with divas/ the land of opportunity, full of dreamers and schemers/where leaders deceive ya, do you receive what they teach ya/hypocritical wickedness, aiming heat-seekers at peacekeepers/called a Christian nation like we all take heed to Jesus/ but some can't stand against the plans of the evil genius/ masters with tricks, that know best how to keep a secret/ but I guess some need to see it to believe it/

Welcome to the nation of the red, white, and blue/ my name is Michael, I'm in R.I. and I'm just like you/ you could fight for truth, then fall victim to co-intel/ but when a devil steps to you, you can tell em go to hell/ they call it a lovely place, that California hotel/ hit em with a ghost spell from the gospel/ if you know it well/principalities and powers, so we gotta know Self/ Every empire has its day. They say even Rome fell/ Some only say God Bless, like God won't judge Americans/ like every other regiment that's ever been/ I love this country and those who protect freedom of speech/ don't forget those who lay new laws like read em and weep/ entertainment training children to be obedient sheep/ Wolfs kid in clothes of sheep, til they show their teeth/ George Carlin said it best, people peep it/ it's the American dream, cause you need to be asleep to believe it.

They say the road are paved with gold but I say save your soul/Welcome to America

The new world for some folks/ and old world to others/ so Columbus didn't discover nothin' word to my mother/ another world wonder, another pearl for the crown to smother/ America the enchanted, the new atlantis/ Shake-speare to John Dee, the Magi 007/ in real life if they repent is a bad guy going to heaven/ do you know the occult cultures and sacred traditions/ it's true what they say, truth is stranger than fiction/synagogues, churches, mosques, witches and warlocks/mixing in the melting pot whether you like it or not/ Where's our money going? I swear there's a plot/ Power to the people, peace y'all, but when will the war stop?/I almost made a teardrop. Don't let fear get all up in your rectum/ Blessings to your bredren, Welcome to Amexum/ Cross the border and get your passport to check in/ Blessings to your bredren, Welcome to Amexum/"

Copyright by 'Michael Phillips'