The Bases Series: Rosemary E. Guiley - The DJINN


Mar 30, 2012

In this Bases Educational Suppliment with the AMMACH Project, The ultimate enemy of man kind is discussed here, with Rosemary Ellen Guiley, the Vengeful DJINN, who are using our electrical supply systems, cars, oil and coal, and gas, and computer based broadcast information systems to access us in this "dimension".

Older, even before Man ever "arrived" The DJINN are rather annoyed, and they are coming. Seen as scuttlers, "mulitlegged" creatures, "Shadow People... all over this world.... black fuidic intelligent energy...

This interview provides a short history and decription of the DJINN, and a blatant simple warning.

So dream on.....

BANNED IN GERMANY By GEMA who censor all material that is independent of their data base. Pure Censorship! They cant even get their website to work!

Apparently the DJINN are where we get our modern-day genies from. Anything you've ever heard about genies is probably over exaggerated but that's what people thought of the DJINN at the time! It just turned into a modern-day myth!