Tha Bases Series: Barbara Lamb ETs and Hybrids including Copiale Cipher..!

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Mar 12, 2012

Barbara Lamb gives a detailed report on Hybrid ETs, and many other details. Shot at the IUFOC Phoenix.

Features the Copiale Cipher which is claimed by Jamers Casbolt to be dated 1740, and where the Bavarian Illuminati requested help from Reptilians in modifiactions to human beings, thus "A Charter to Abduct".

Barbara goes through various categories of ExtraDimensional/Terrestrial, and she has supplied several drawings toillutsrate these, and the Hybrids she has dealt with.

She stated a number were at the UFO Congress, where this was filmed.

Taped in the final seconds before having to catch the plane, with no time for re runs, and only one camera. Also no clip mike so appols for the noise from the highway near by..