The Devis is in the details


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Officially wi-fi internet died when hey removed the attenas down around here. The devil is in the details with At &T and this computer is not ompatible with the service only Windows XP and Vista are I have starter edition microsoft 7, so another voice has been silenced. To top it all off due to their digital migration we are going to be limited on ComCast to just channels 2 thru 25 and channel 78 local government channel we will have nothing to internetainment because we are poor as church mice. (even the church mice i think are richer.) will still try to post occassionally really feeling disenfranchised.
2loserel3, although your situation prevents you from being online to talk about stuff, trust me, I don't believe that means you have been silenced. Obviously, at least once in a while, you have some sort of access, so that at least allows you to be here when you can. Everything for a reason. :) I can understand you not being here as often as you were, circumstances being what they are, but don't let that discourage you in any way. No matter what, you still have friends here and a place here when you can be here. :)

In the meantime, try not to get yourself down about things, be there for your friend (she needs you), and make the best of every moment, because things could change at a moment's notice (life changing). Be there for her right now, she needs you more than ever before. She won't say it or let on about it, but she really really does need you.

Be well, friend. :)
Thank you Lady of Light for your words of encouragement. That was just a down day for me all the way over, you know a bad hair day.

Thank you again for the advice with my friend, I know she's not telling me everything. now this month she' can't go to the dr. nearly all the money is gone to pay for the bills the dr. expects payment up front before services rendered. We've been cutting her pills in half and though i know that's not the way you should do it, and so does she,, but she was much worse when she didn't have the pills for a week and half. our neighbor two doors down is going to help her get to the drs by going with us, she still doesn't want them to come to the house, i don't get it but i have to respect her wishes unless its an emergancy. She will have money for the perscriptions and will make an appointment with the dr after the first of the month if she wants to still see her, if that happens, then the drs. to the house.

now a further update, we decided to stay with Comcast unfortunately, but we are getting the internet. It's a decent deal and they'll be sending the equipment in five days. i said look it at this way she just got a book of stamps at 46 cents a stamp for twenty, now we can pay it all online except the rent and stretch the stamps out and not also have to buy envelopes. :) So hopefully I can figure out how to set it all up. If not it'll be next month we can get them to come out and install. hopefully our circumstances or going to improve.

Hopefully be back in business shortly. I think she too came to depend upon the internet, especially when trying to think up a name for a familiar face on tv.
The potholes of life will eventually be repaired. It's going to be a bumpy ride in the meantime. I'm getting tirwd of the bumps too. Let's resolve to hang onto our hats and get through it.

I'll second that motion.:) Now we're back to the situation with the Dr. again, after stretching the pills out as long as we could. Our neighbor two doors down said about a ride that the guy next door to us who is an ex-marine would be happy to help us with that. So we now made an appointment for the 4th since the money situation is running on fumes right now. She's got enough for perscriptions and tha's about it and for a few necessary sundries so, she can't go this month. The dr's assistant told her over the phone that the dr did her a "favor" by giving her perscriptions then, otherwise wait until the appointment. Well, she's going to try to talk sense with them one more time otherwise , we're getting the drs to the door thing. set for the state to help keep older people from doing nursing home option. This dr's assistant is very a rude person our pharmacist told us this the last time she called over there on our behalf.

As for the inernet we need one more item to complete it and thenwe should be o.k. Now I'm more or less trying to get her to cancel it and send it back am worried about the bill, she doesn't seem to be though.