The God Particle Is Now Confirmed

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The past few days have seen an exciting announcement from the world of science. The existence of the God particle has been confirmed by the CERN particle physics laboratory in Switzerland.

The God particle, known in scientific circles as the Higgs boson, depends upon the existence of a “Higgs field.” The Higgs field permeates all of space and gives particles their property of mass. This resurrects the idea of the “aether” as a universal field.

The aether concept went out of fashion a century ago and sent physics into a cul-de-sac from which it can now escape. The recognition of the most fundamental field in the universe re-opens the doorway to the much-coveted idea of a Unified Field theory that will explain all fundamental forces.

The popular science press reports the discovery of the Higgs particle as one of the most important scientific advances of the past 100 years, proving that there is an invisible energy field that pervades the vacuum of the known universe and gives mass to the smallest building blocks of matter. Without this field, they deduce, there would be no planets, stars, or life as we know it.

In a previous article, I proposed that the all-pervasive aether or Higgs field be called the “God field.” Let’s face it, if a Nobel Prize in Physics recipient can call the Higgs boson the God Particle, then we can call the Higgs field the God Field! The important thing is that the aether, the fabric of space, is once again being recognized and this recognition will remove the blockage that was holding back our understanding of the laws of the universe.

For example, one of the limitations we still face is that the cause of mass is a great unknown to the science of physics. To rephrase that, why does a body made of energetic particles have weight? What causes weight or mass? Now, science will be able to move toward showing that the effect that produces mass is particles’ energetic interaction with the subtle magnetic energy of the fabric of space.

Another great mystery in physics is the nature of gravity. If the fabric of space becomes understood as a subtle magnetic energy which only responds when acted upon by electric particles, then it can be seen that any body of matter will contain an intensification of that subtle magnetic energy. This creates an attractive effect.

When you think of magnetism as a fundamental energy, try to avoid thinking of bar magnets and their closed-loop fields. Instead, think of the more subtle version of magnetism as an energetic fluid which fills all space and is passive until acted upon.

Because magnetic energy is attractive when activated, solid objects will have an inherent attractiveness to other solid objects and – thank goodness – big objects like the Earth will have enough of that inherent attraction to hold little objects like you and me safely on the ground instead of floating away into outer space!

We live in times when science, even though focused toward a more material view than metaphysics, is nevertheless producing revelations which will eventually cross that barrier between the material and the immaterial. We live in fascinating times!

by Owen K Waters


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Sorry but all Particle Physics is just a pseudoscience. Like divining the future by looking at tea leaves in the bottom of the tea cup.
The Higgs Boson and all sub atomic particles are just speculation, not fact. Even the Electron and Proton, Neutron, and Photon are concepts, and are not actual particles.