The Health Council in an emergency opinion: Everybody two flu shots?
Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Health (Pharmaceutical lobby machine) to the Minister an application for urgent advice in relation to known and opgehypte H1N1 "pandemic". The outcome is as predictable as possible. How you can easily double your profit, we simply double the number of vaccinations per year.


It is an opinion, but if you report and the media reporting about it stores, it seems more a command than an opinion.

"The government must for every Dutchman purchase two flu shots to protect against the virus that caused the Mexican flu. A stock antigen which protects against Mexico Virus. In addition, a stock purchase called adjuvant, a substance that the immune system more sensitive for an antigen, which is less necessary. "

But if you think you can determine whether you take his vaccination is still not certain. This opinion is just as clear that as to the lies of Health, the WHO managers in order for vaccination or not. And if they or any of our (will not say omgekochte) not in his head that Ministers therefore decided that an overall vaccination should be then I wonder what happens to the objectors!

"A decision to purchase the Mexican flu vaccine should be considered separately from the decision to actually purchased vaccines to work. This second decision should be based on careful weighing of epidemiological, clinical and virological data. Although this course a Dutch responsibility, is, in the opinion of the committee, the opinion of the WHO in this direction. "

In America and England is going with the same propaganda texts as "okay, this is not fatal, but, ooo, but let those come later, phoe phoe, which is dangerous, so please get down to nothing, all afraid ', then we have by ff, which is very in t after year, etc, etc, etc "

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