[Must Read!] The Little Known New Madrid Pipeline Bomb


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Now another thing coming to light. What are they doing? Do they know or more importantly do they care?
As if the fault wasn't enough to consider now this? It seems as if they aren't happy unless they mess with somethings that obviously they don't really understand. What else is out there we don't know about?

The Little Known New Madrid Pipeline Bomb

by Zen Gardener

“You have four of the five major natural-gas pipelines come right through the soup in New Madrid, the soft alluvial soil,” says Gray. “They carry gas all the way to Detroit, Chicago, Indianapolis and Pittsburgh. If (the earthquake) happened during the winter, you’re going to have major-league problems on your hands. Try to explain to somebody why you cannot heat a nursing home or keep a hospital warm.”
– Ed Gray, Missouri State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA) (Riverfront Times)