The Masters of One: Shifting Ground
through CC Treadway 08/09/20112

This was a personal channeling that turned into something more broad, and it felt right to share it.

The Higher Self of Mother Eearth

You have been focusing all this time on The Higher Self coming into the body, and harmonizing with the Earth frequencies as a grounding point. But what if Mother Earth were not the grounding point? What if you began to utilize the points below the body connecting into the earth in the same way you have been utilizing the Higher Self? Bringing the grounding point into the center of your body? Explore this.

The full human being must be activated from the Earth, because the human body is made of the same materials as the Earth. The Earth’s Higher Self exists below you, below the first chakra in your Energetic Earth Body…and is connected to the hara line (line of intention), much like the Higher Self of the Divine is connected through the hara line. In this case the hara line travels through dimensions like a laser. Allowing the energy to work upwards from the core of Mother Earth, as we have taught you, is crucial in the grounding of energies into your body.

This exchange of energy creates a circuit that will help you maintain equilibrium in the face of such great energy changes, expansions, transformations and growth. The bliss that has been achieved is now being anchored into the planet, and then regurgitated back to you in the form of something you can handle, so you may create in harmony with Earth, so that you may feel your totality in the center of your being.

The Resolution of the Split

So the Higher Self of Mother Earth, which exists below you, has for a long time been though of as evil by some, or has been referred to in shamanic cultures as the lower worlds. In the current release of duality into fifth dimensional energies this is no longer perceived in this way, for the once dense and primal energies are being uplifted into unity through the merging, or unification of the right and left brains. This creates an open source super highway for information to travel freely between hemispheres, in the center of the human split in consciousness that has existed for so long.

You have focused much of the last 5 years on your heart and grounding and connecting with Earth and you graduated. And now you are on to the next chapter. We are blowing another deep-seated dualistic framework out of your psyche to prepare you for your next shift of multidimensional integration.

(At this point I am feeling a little freaked, because my instructions for the last five years have truly been to sink into the earth and experience the grounding, and the sense of “home” in this apparently old fashioned way, so giving me the ok to open my multidimensional self up again I was like, “You’re messing with me.”)

The separation of Earth from her divinity in the consciousness of humanity has created a split that makes one think that Mother Earth is physical, not spiritual. This is ridiculous, for all is divine, all is of divine creation, divine mind, divine heart. This planet included. Your mind knows this, but the subconscious is still functioning in another paradigm. As Earth rotates, she spins with the counter-rotating fields of the Divine to keep her in a focus of time. This focus of time was created for the enjoyment of Creator’s creations.

So, there is no split, only creation.

The earth has many dimensions to her. And when the full grounding happens, these dimensions open up. What was once dense energies, or the perceptions of dense energies becomes fluid and changing or fixed when needed.

You have needed Earth to be solid to feel stable, but this is not the end of the road. So it would take courage for humanity to open up this part of itself and stand strong in the infinite while the planet exhibits signs of shifting and changing. Earth is energy just like all things, in flux, rather than being just the firm rock you lay your head upon. You know this but do you really know this? This changes your experiences of being human entirely.

You have worked for years on getting grounded while the multidimensional self that lives within you knows there is a lot more to the story. You needed to anchor the divine energies into the lower chakras so as to be a total human being, instead of a reluctant spiritual being wearing a human suit that felt too small. That is not a place of empowerment. Only from an integrated, empowered place, may you open to grounding in the fullness of the multidimensional reality.

Are you strong enough to release the ideas that you are a solid being, living on a solid planet? Matter was created for your experience, not because it is actually holding you anywhere. Are you grounded enough to deal with this and open up to an entirely new way of approaching the natural world?

Because the vibration of Earth and humanity is shifting into a new 5th dimensional grid, it will be entirely new in its experience. There will be higher levels of bliss and joy, there will be superpowers as you say, the ability to change reality…but only if you are seated in Love. We just wanted to give you a heads up on how the fifth dimensional experience on the planet will begin to feel. Do not fear it. You will feel more at home as the fullness and truth of your being is revealed.

For the powerful spiritual souls who have come here with a great influx of divine energy, your time has come, for the old paradigm only suits those who were not born with this new energy. This is why, as you surrender to the bliss, to the higher vibrating frequencies (and anyone can choose to, whether they were born with it or not), you cannot function in the old paradigm. But you still must integrate the energies fully in your body so that you can navigate wisely in the universe.

How do you make things happen in this new paradigm?

You make things happen by surrendering to the conscious flow of the Divine touching the sacred longing within yourself to live your life purpose. This activation is held in the hara line, and supported by Earth frequencies. This means your healing, your music, your friendships, your families, your businesses, all of it, all of life, focused within you for your life purpose to create harmoniously.

We have told you this…a lot!

So sink continually into your heart, bring the lower bodies into alignment as well as the higher bodies, into the body, and begin to tap into your experience as a multidimensional being having a fully present existence on a fully multidimensional planet. Release the hidden idea in your subconscious, and collective unconscious that earth is a solid rock holding you, and spirit is a formless mass of infinity. Take advantage of the grounding energies of Mother Earth, but do not disrespect her by simplifying her totality.

Coming Home

The bravery of coming home is the bravery of experiencing your divine core as the default resting place, the default comfort zone, releasing all expectations from the past.

As you open to the multidimensional experience of life, then the idea of needing to ground into Earth or the structures of your past dissolve. Home will truly be within and without, the inner and outer in union. Earth, even more so, will be your playground of creation, an equal being of enormous generosity. This can be disorienting, but we would not be telling you if you were not ready.

With Deep Reverence,
The Masters of One

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