[FYI] The Most Common Thing Overlooked About Channeling


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The most common thing that people overlook about channeling would have to be the fact that most people do it every day without knowing it.

Have you ever had to write a report, or give a speech? A lot of us have. Do you always know what to write or say? Not usually, right? So what happens when you sit there, thinking about it? Ideas start popping into your head. And away you go. And the words just keep on flowing. Until someone interrupts you. Then it stops. You lose your train of thought. Right? Then it takes quiet usually to snap back into the mode you were in. Peaceful, long-winded, where-did-these-thoughts-come-from mode.

This is channeling in a nutshell. It happens all the time, yet you probably didn't know you were doing it.

Channeling isn't just people coming through other people directly giving a message. Channeling is what writers do all the time. They call it 'inspiration' sometimes. Lots of writers will go off somewhere quiet and peaceful to write 'best-sellers'. Why? Because they are channeling. They may or may not know it either.

So, next time you go off into that mode of thought upon thought that you don't know where it's coming from, just think, "wow, I just channeled that".

I'm sure this could've been stated better, but I'm only in 'half-channel' mode right now.