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Pictures show Adolf Hitler practising poses for his speeches - and relaxing in lederhosen

February 09, 2012


The pictures were never intended to be made public

  • Unseen photos emerge of Hitler in bizarre poses
  • Taken by his personal photographer in the 1920s
  • In pictures: Incredible images of the Fuhrer


    Hitler forbade any publication of this picture that he thought was "beneath his dignity".
NEVER before seen pictures that appear to show Adolf Hitler rehearsing for his hate-filled speeches have emerged.

The amazing pictures, taken in the 1920s, depict the Fuhrer in a series of poses, using a series of bizarre expressions and gestures, which he would practise and review before addressing the German public.

The photos, taken by his personal photographer Heinrich Hoffmann, were apparently intended to give Hitler an insight into how he came across to his people, The Daily Mail reported.

One he saw the pictures, he would decide whether to incorporate the various gestures and poses into his speeches and appearances.


Hitler would reportedly veto the pictures before deciding whether to use the poses during his appearances.

But he refused to let some of the pictures, including one of him leaning against a tree in a pair of tight lederhosen, be published, deeming them “beneath one's dignity”.

The vetoed pictures were reportedly stored in Hoffmann's studio until his arrest at the end of the war and disappeared into various archives.

They were later published in his little-known memoir, Hitler Was My Friend, in the 1950s. The book has now been released in English.


These set of images were taken of the Fuher during the 1920s.