Book: Hollywood collaborated with Hitler


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Jewish author Ben Urband in his 2013 book, The Collaboration: Hollywood’s Pact With Hitler’, has once again proved the connection between Hitler’s Jews and the Hollywood Jews.

Earlier in a 1990 book, ‘‘The Man Who Would Be Messiah’, Chief Rabbi of Toronto, Wolf Gunther Plaut (died 2012) has claimed that Frankist Jews committed the Holocaust.

Dr. Bryan Mark Rigg in his book, ‘Hitler’s Jewish soldiers’ has claimed that there were approximately 150,000 German Jews in the Nazi Army, some holding very high positions.

German author Hennecke Kardel, in his controversial book, Adolf Hitler: Founder of Israel’, wrote: “Anyone who does not want to know in detail about Hitler’s half Jewish “alcoholic” father, whom he dragged home from the “ugly, shameful, stinky and smoky bars”, and who does not want to know about Hitler’s endlessly psychotic hatred toward his kinsmen, will understand little about history of the twentieth century, about the creation of the State of Israel, and about oncoming events which will make us hold our breaths.”

Even the “half truth” mentioned by Ben Urband, drove Jewish lobby into hysteria. The Times of Israel, for example, run by UK-born, Israeli journalist and author, David Horovitz, announced a review of the book with the headline admitting that “Jews run Hollywood.”

On December 19, 2008, Jewish journalist, Joel Stein, boasted in the Las Angeles Times that Hoolywood is indeed Jewish.

Ben Unwand’s book review was published by The Hollywood Reporter, on July 31, 2013, saying: “Beginning with wholesale changes made to Universal’s 1930 release ‘All Quiet on the Western Front’, Hollywood regularly ran scripts and finished movies by German officials for approval. When they objected to scenes or dialogue they thought made Germany look bad, criticized the Nazis or dwelled on the mistreatment of Jews, the studios would accommodate them – and make cuts in the American versions as well as those shown elsewhere in the world.

It was not only scenes: Nazi pressure managed to kill whole projects critical of the rise of Adolf Hitler. Indeed, Hollywood would not make an important anti-Nazi film until 1940. Hitler was obsessed with the propaganda power of film, and the Nazis actively promoted American movies like 1937′s Captains Courageous that they thought showcased Aryan values. “

Ben Unwand also claims that several Hollywood’s Jewish executives funded Nazi army. Watch a video below.

Since 9/11, an Israeli false flag operation, the Hollywood has played a significant role in spreading Islamophobia. The 2013 Oscar Award winner movie, Argo, a political thriller directed by Jewish Ben Afleck, is latest example of anti-Muslim campaign. The movie is based on the myth; how a CIA official posed as a producer of a non-existent movie in order to sneak several US embassy staff members out of Iran during the 444-day Iranian students’ occupation of the US embassy building.

Canadian academic and author, Professor Robert Wright (Trent University) in his book, ‘Our Man in Tehran’, years before the Argo movie, had claimed that it was Canada’s last ambassador and CIA head in Tehran, Kenneth Taylor (1977-80), who was responsible for smuggling six US embassy staffers out of Iran via faked Canadian passports. Tylor admitted in an interview he gave to the daily Globe And Mail (January 23, 2010) that he acted as Chief of CIA operation as result of a secret deal between US president Jimmy Carter and Canadian prime minister Joe Clark.

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