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In December 2010, families of the six Jews killed during Israeli Mossad false flag operation in Mumbai (India) on November 28, 2008 – had sued Pakistan intelligence agency ISI for masterminding the terrorist attacks. On December 19, 2012, in an antisemitic decision, the US State Department informed a New York federal court that the accused two former ISI director-generals enjoyed immunity and cannot be tried in Mumbai terror attacks case.

The ruling naturally upset the Jewish lobby groups defending Israeli interests around the world.

Israeli hasbara agent, Alex Joffe posted an anti-Pakistan, anti-Muslim Zionist lies about Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI and country’s Muslim population for hating and killing the Jews around the world. He whined that while Pakistan’s neighbor has Jewish population of 5,000 – no Jew is allowed to live in Pakistan. He also blame Pakistan for not recognizing state of Israel and allowing Jewish tourists – while majority of Pakistanis and their leaders believe in all kind of antisemitic conspiracy theories, such as, Jews and Israelis were behind 9/11, Jews control America’s foreign policy, Jews control world economy, India-Israel-US were behind the breakup of Pakistan in 1971, etc. etc.

After listing his anti-Pakistan rant in his January 3, 2013 article, titled ‘The ISI and the Jews’ at the ‘Jewish Ideas Daily’, Joffe tried to prove his main agenda of concealing Israeli Mossad using Nariman House, a Jewish halfway-house for Israeli tourists as a control center to conduct terrorist activities on November 28, 2008 in Mumbai, India’s third most populated city and home to world’s second largest film industry, the Bollywood. The terrorist attacks killed 172 people including six Israeli Jews inside Nariman House and injured over 250.

Joffe, then, equates LeT with Lebanese Islamic Resistance Hizballah. He says that though both groups “maintain networks of schools, mosques, and media providing social services directly and through front groups – their “Jewish problem” is their desire to plant the flag of Islam in Washington, Tel Aviv and New Delhi and to attacks on Jews to avenge the atrocities on Palestinians“.

As a professional liar for the Zionist cause, Joffe can be excused for his ignorance of Muslim history. The flag of Islam flew in Jerusalem for over 1,100 years before the town of Tel Aviv was established on September 11, 1909 by Europe’s unwanted Jews (Christianity’s Jewish Problem) on Arab land. The name Tel Aviv was taken from Theodor Herzl’s 1902 novel Altneuland in Hebrew. Originally designed by Zionist Jewish elites as a garden suburb of the rapidly expanding Arab town of Jaffa. It was established as a preeminent symbol of the future Jewish demographic state of Israel. Now, city is home to world’s largest numbers of brothels (280). Islamic flag in Delhi and the rest of Indian continent flew for nearly 1,000 years before it was occupied by British Judeo-Christian colonists in 1857. As far as Washington is concerned, Israeli flag and Zionist symbols already dominate the city and the rest of the United States.

Joffe also highlights the “Islamism” of US citizen David Headly aka Daood Gilani, who was born to a Pakistani diplomat working for the Voice of America and an American mother Serrill Headley with Jewish family background who was involved in heavy drinking and multiple sexual relationships. She established the ‘Khyber Bar’ in America after dumping her husband and child in Pakistan.

Joffe while praising India’s tolerance toward Jewish community – ignored the fact that Adolf Hitler is considered a ‘hero’ in India. Hindus have produced movies, TV shows and named stores to glorify him. On April 20, 2009, British daily Telegraph had reported that Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’ is the best seller in India with 10.000 copies sold in New Delhi alone. An average of 40,000 Israeli Jews visit India annually. However, Israelis are despised most among the foreign tourists because they bring drugs, nudity, prostitution and create filth wherever they stay or hold parties.

Even though, the US Justice Department, the State Department and Supreme Court are overcrowded with Jews and Zionists, Joffe complains that the “immunity” for the two Jew-hating Pakistani officials shows that “there is no justice for Jews in America”.

Pakistan’s ‘Jewish Problem!’ | Rehmat's World