The role of Pythagoras
Monday, April 27, 2009

The Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras is now known of the theorem of Pythagoras. Few people know that Pythagroas also the founder of numerology is. Moreover, he discovered many other issues related to learning numbers.

Pythagoras took the numbers for certain forms. He spoke of the square and cubic numbers of oblong, triangular and pyramidal numbers, etc.. The numbers are these figures were constructed. Apparently he took the world as consisting of atoms, while the bodies were then composed of molecules, which in turn were made up of atoms arranged in various forms.


Pythagoras taught us that everything in the world consists of vibrations can be defined in numbers with their own symbolism. Whether colors or odors, distances between and around rotation of planets, rhythm of day and night throughout the year: everything has its number.

Based on his insights into the numbers Pythagoras was teaching in a number of other brilliant insights. They took it into 2 laws: The Law of the Rhythm of Changes and The Law of Harmony.

The Law of the Rhythm of Change
Pythagoras discovered that all changes in nature are taking place in 6 phases. The 7th stage, return to the starting position. He based this on the musical notation of the octave. The notes of an octave questions fixed mathematical ratios more energy, the 4th note (Fa) for example, always asking more energy than the 3rd (Mi). The octave develops like a law of rhythmic energy. This rhythm appears to be universally applicable to all growth and development in our world.

Knowledge of these rhythmic law of energy helps you make choices in the organization of the energy you need to change yourself. Crucial are the intervals between the 2nd and 3rd phase and between the 4th and 5th phase, more or less serve as junctions.

Is there enough energy available, then the next note or stage achieved. Is there not enough energy, then spot another possibility, as a false note, a project which falls back to the previous stage or developments in your life that suddenly a completely different direction than you had planned. The Law of the rate of change is about dancing instead of pushing!

The Law of Harmony
This law teaches you all with everything and everyone connected. If you are aware it is possible to easily realize everything in your life what you want. Life is by nature always in harmony and balance. Pythagoras understood that people in harmony if they are aware of their natural relationship. That gives you a sense of â € ~ gedragenâ € ™, it seems there is a greater force is present that protects you and also send and ensures the realization of your dreams and ambitions.

Source: numerology-online.nl
Translated version of http://www.numerologie-online.nl/pythagoras.html