There are UFO's in the sky now - How to photo them

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If you want to take pictures of UFO's, you can with a regular 8MP to 10MP camera that you can get from any store from between $150 an $300 (depending on the brand). Note: Paying a little more for your camera is worth it. The quality is MUCH better.


Set your camera to infinite zoom (this should be represented by a mountain).

Make sure it is set to FULL 8MP quality (ie: over 3000 x 3000 pixels)

Make sure you take the pictures during the day, because unless you're taking a picture of something relatively large, these little cheap cameras wont perform too well at night - unless you really know what you're doing, and even then all you'll probably get is a white blob.

Make sure you are not "holding" the camera, because the slightest movement will ruin any pictures. Sit the camera somewhere facing "up".

Use the 10 second timer. Then step back and wait for the click.

Then do it again. Then again, and again..

Once you have taken as many photos as you can (probably about 8 pictures if you do not have a memory card - or you can take dozens, or even hundreds with a memory card), you need to comb through the photos.

Open each photo up (on your computer) and zoom into about 400% so that you can clearly see what is in the photo. Then pan across each photo, making sure not to miss anything.

You will almost undoubtedly come across certain things. You will need to cut those objects out of the picture so that you can upload them to an online album for us to see.

It is also best to take the photos during a perfect blue sky.

Many of the photos wont show "anything", but you should come across at least one in 10 that show something. Occasionally, you will get something really cool. I tried this earlier last month (over 3 days) and I got HEAPS of UFO's.


The reason I made this post, is because I know that the objects are there, and I know that they're close enough to be picked up by a relatively cheap camera. However, people just need to go out and get them.

Try it - you will see! They're everywhere!