There's some evidence of which advises a strong earthquake could take place in Italy (Rome)


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Hysteria on the Internet in Italy: Rome will be devastated by an earthquake on May 11.

After the catastrophe in Japan, specialists or controversial researchers have begun to speak more strongly about the earthquakes that could devastate our world. On many sites in Italy appeared the theory that Rome will disappear very soon.

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Raffaele Bendandi , one of the most controversial figures of the scientific world, on May 11, 2011 provide that Rome will be shaken by an earthquake so powerful that the entire city will be shaved off the face of the earth.

Information has now been reediatata and quickly spread through the internet, already creating hysteria Peninsula. Bendandi’s theory contains all sorts of complicated calculations that he is trying to support his opinion

Bendandi, who died in 1979, was an autodidact. Born in 1893, he predicted the earthquake of 13 January 1915, the Avenzzano, who had 11 degrees on the Mercalli scale that resulted in the deaths of 30,000 Italians. Then, at the May 6, 1976 in Friuli, which killed 1,000 people and left another 45,000 homeless. Bendandi gave almost accurate data about where disasters will occur, and about their day.

The newspaper “Corriere della Sera called it “The man who provides earthquakes” , after he predicted, before a notary, the earthquake which took place on 2 January 1924, in Senegal. They cheated with only two days of the date, but the area was correct.

His theories were based on the movement stars under which earthquakes have cosmic origin.

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