This is very serious......please read




This warning came from an RCMP officer who can be contacted as shown below. Looks like the urge to be helpful may not help you!

Please read this...
Someone was following me on my way to Whitby Friday night with no
headlights on.
I just assumed they forgot. As I was ahead of them I had no way to
signal them. They flashed their lights at me a couple of times and
eventually passed me. The car was packed with teenagers. If this
was a gang initiation, I am glad I did not signal them as I had the
kids in the car.
Please be careful everybody.

Please pass is on! Important police warning.. Very scary, now
moving east....started in Manitoba , now in Saskatchewan , and moving
east and west.

This came directly from our Driver Training People who got the
warning. Pass this to anyone you can. One of the officers who
works with the DARE program has passed along the following warning
and asked that it be shared with all drivers. This is an extremely
serious matter.

If you are driving after dark and you see a car without its
head-lights on, do not flash your lights,do not blow your horn or
make any signals to the driver of the other car. There is a new
common gang Initiation 'game' going on the streets. The new member
being initiated drives along without his headlights on until someone
notices and flashes their headlights or makes some sort of other
action to signal him. The gang member is now required to chase the
car and shoot at or into the car in order to complete his initiation

Make sure you share this information with your family, friends, and
anyone else you can reach. If you have any questions or information,
please call your local police department.

Please take this seriously. This is not a joke. Please pass this on
to everyone you
know on e-mail and in person. It could save someone's life.

Today, 05:34 PM

Source DSS Geeks