Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 2/26/12

We have a lot of things to do. Each of you has his part to play in the role of your end times and your journey as a planet and people through ascension. We have outlined previously what we must get done together, and these projects must get underway very soon.

What these projects will mean for the people of your world is incalculable, and beneficial to all across your globe.

We, the Galactic Federation of Light, would like to get started immediately and we require the assistance of the people of your world to help us gain acceptance by those who either have yet no idea of who we are and those who have allowed fear to convince them that we are here for destructive purposes.

You are our agents in the field who can reach these people. It is you that can allow them to see a clearer picture of us and what we do. Your task is not an easy one, and many will shun your attempts to show them an alternative view to our presence here.

Their reaction will be fear-based, and as we have said all along it is fear that is, and has always been your greatest enemy.

It is fear that caused so many of you to give your power over to those who only wish to enslave you, and it is fear that caused you to support their military campaigns and allow them to stockpile vast amounts of weapons, and because of this we, that is you and us, have to deal with the tasks now of removing the ones you have empowered and also safely remove their weaponry which is scattered and hidden all over, within, and above your planet. This is no easy task but we, along with our Earth allies, are seeing to this task and we ask you, our Lightworkers, to complete your assignment to the best of your abilities.

You are being asked at this time to help spread the word of our arrival and of our peaceful intentions. You are being asked to spread the news of the pending arrests of those of your criminal Cabal who have evil plans for humanity. This is what you are being asked to do at this time.

We see much activity on your Internet social networks, but we also see much time being wasted with matters not mentioned above. Fear-based discussions consume much of the time of so many of you, as well as comical posts and discussions, and we ask you could you have better utilized this time to make a difference in your world?

How many souls could you have reached out to in the time spent copying and pasting that silly photograph or story that is unrelated to the vital matters at hand?

We see so many reading these words and we do see some of you taking action, but not nearly enough of you. Have we not assured you that this is why you are here? So many of you hear these words and you also feel these words as there is no denying they resonate with you and something inside you tells you this is the truth, yet you fail to respond to your calling.

What is it? Is it the fear of ridicule? Do the words of those that you know are un-awakened and sleepwalking really bother you that much? Why? Do you not believe our words when we tell you that all will see soon enough that you spoke the truth and that you are a leader of your fellow man?

This is your shining moment. You are the hero of the moment, yet you do not respond. Is it fear of reprisals from the dark ones that keep you from sharing our messages and news of imminent arrests? Ask yourself how many of your fellow Lightworkers have been harmed in any way.

Ask yourself why our channels are permitted to freely and safely continue to share our words. Why do so many of you still give your power over to another? Why do you empower those that wish to control you by feeding them power they do not themselves possess without your generosity? This is the question before you today.

So many of you are waiting for action, for arrests to be broadcast through your television sets and for the landings of our ships and we tell you again today that it is we that are awaiting you. We tell you that the arrests are imminent, for indeed they are; we only share the truth with you. They are imminent because it is you that is so close.

It is you that only need to push through the last few inches of a concrete wall that only months ago was twenty feet thick. We say again, time is running short and we need to begin our many vital projects together. Push through the last few inches of that wall and let us get underway changing your world for the better.

It has been such a long time for many of you when you realized your world needs vast changes, and we know many of you thought that they would never come as so many of your friends, family, coworkers and strangers alike could not see what you saw so clearly.

We tell you now that they can see clearly today, but it is you that must paint the picture for them to see. If you do, they will see. They can now see, but what do they see now that their eyes are opening for the first time in eons?

They see stories of chemtrails , of assassination conspiracies, of alien abductions, of shape shifting reptilians, of ghosts and apparitions, of conspiracies on every conceivable level, yet they do not see news of the imminent arrests of the Cabal and that we are here and that we wish to reunite with you, our family from long ago. We wish to see this. Your brothers and sisters need to see this. Can you allow them to see this?

It was understood by each one of you, our trusted Lightworkers, that your task would not be an easy one, but that is why it was you that were chosen for this assignment. We knew you could get the job done, and many of you have gotten this job done not once, but many times before and we know you will get the job done once again.

Moving towards discussions of our ongoing battle with these dark ones, we are again happy to report that their fighting forces continue to go down one by one, minute by minute. They no longer possess any of their advanced weaponry that at one time slowed our progress as we had to carefully maneuver around their ‘minefields’ while taking out their space fighters.

Today, their hazardous weaponry has been dismantled, and we enjoy the luxury of removing their space fighters at will according to our schedule. The forces of the dark will present no problem to us or to you when it is time to move ahead with the next phase of our joint operation. Again, we wish to make it clear that you are not waiting on us; we are waiting on you and your progress.

As we have said, agreements have been reached with a certain number of your media outlets and news of the arrests of the criminal Cabal and of our presence will be made available to the people of your world. This will be a milestone in our campaign, and will be a tremendous boost to our combined efforts. It does not have to be explained to many of you how important your media is to this effort, and we assure you at this time that your media will cooperate.

We have a meticulous plan to bring the news of our presence to many of your world, and we see this plan succeeding in every way towards this goal. We are anxious to get underway with this phase of the operation as are many of you. We do see this day approaching and it is drawing very near.

We ask you again to set the table for these events to unfold by sharing the news of the pending arrests and what your people can expect after the path has been cleared for our arrival. We thank you all so much once again for all the difficult work you are doing and assure you that your efforts will not be in vain, as together we will succeed, and a new Earth will blossom from the soil we tend to today.

Your new Earth will be a paradise, free of those of the dark who have systematically destroyed all you have tried to build. Your new Earth will be a beautiful garden, where you will be free to cultivate all your dreams and creative desires. Your new Earth will be a playground for you to all play together, and your new Earth will be a workplace where you can all work together to get jobs done. Nothing will stand in your way any longer, and many of you will be absolutely amazed at the progress that can be made with the right amount of effort now that those who have hindered you so have been removed.

You will be free to build your world anyway you see fit, and all will proceed democratically according to a fair and proper vote. We will assist you in the formation of your new leadership, but after its inception, it is all up to you. This is your world, and you will be free to make your own decisions. Remain aware however, that what has transpired here throughout your history will never be permitted to happen again.

The atrocities and the violence were only permitted here in the name of research, to find ways to better design and build new worlds throughout this universe, but after this experiment is completed, much of what has happened here will not be permitted to ever happen again.

Much has been learned from this experiment and your efforts here, and many new alliances and friendships have been forged. The information derived from this experiment is invaluable, and we thank each and every one of you for your participation in this grand endeavor.

This entire universe has, and will continue to benefit greatly from what has been accomplished here, and your planet and her people will be hailed for many eons to come for their service to the sacred cause of creation.

Many models for other worlds have been created from the molds of civilizations from throughout your history. Many of you will be quite surprised to learn that historic civilizations of your past history here live on to flourish on other planets throughout this universe. What a wondrous sight this will be for you to behold when you will have the opportunity to visit these worlds and witness for yourself civilizations you have only read about in your history books or have caught only glimpses of through the ruins of their art and architecture.

Could you imagine what miraculous sites await you as you approach a planet that is home to a favorite civilization of not only your recorded history, but your favorite historical civilization that you yourself have experienced in your distant past? This is one treasure that awaits you just up ahead on your journey.

We have shared with you that the universe possesses many gifts and surprises for you, and your expectations will never be let down, you can be assured of this, as the creator's home is vast, it is never ending, and it is magnificent.

It is not like you to turtle up into a shell. You have all been through so much adversity, far more than anything you are experiencing at this time. Many of you have faced an opposing army and have bravely charged into certain peril. You have faced disasters of nature and disasters of man, and each time you faced these challenges with bravery.

What is holding you back today? A little ridicule from others who yet to see the greater picture? Is this the obstacle you allow to stand in your way of your new Earth and all it promises for you, your family, friends. and every one of your brothers and sisters of your world?

Do you realize today that the historical accounts of all your efforts here will be preserved for all future generations to come?

Do you not see that the historical record of what you are achieving today will be preserved not only here, but throughout this universe? We ask you at this time what further motivation do you require?

There will always be those who laugh and there will always be those who scorn, but we ask you where in your current history books are their story and their names. You have the opportunity to make history, what is stopping you from making it?

We ask you at this time for a charge from each of you forward, pushing through the last of the defenses that keep you from reclaiming what is, has always been, and will always be rightfully yours. Do you want this? Will you reclaim it? Because it is there for you, and it awaits your decision and your action.

We see you reclaiming what is yours. This is why you are here, and you will not return home empty handed. What is the tale you want to recite upon your return to your home worlds? Will it be a tale of defeat because you wished not to be ridiculed? Is this the story you wish to share with those who await your triumphant return? Or is there another tale you wish to bring with you home? It is all up to you, and we await your decision.

Many battles and wars have been fought and have been lost due to the superior forces of thy enemy, but we tell you that we are here with you and we will uphold our duty and suppress the forces of your enemy. This is our frontline, and we are succeeding. How do you fare on your front line? Are you succeeding? Will you triumph?

You have been supplied all the weaponry you need, and you have reinforcements on the way as the newly awakened ones join the ranks of the Light. Do not retreat and never surrender. This battle is yours, and it is victory you shall have.

We will continue our reconnaissance of your enemy and of your progress and continue to relay to you daily intelligence of our mutual campaign against the dark and their forces. You will be kept abreast of any changes of strategy and each phase we commence of the overall operation.

Continue on in your fight against those who have oppressed you and who wish to enslave you, and we will continue our fight on our front lines. We will never retreat, and we will never desert you. We will together succeed in this epic struggle, and the forces of Light will prevail against the forces of darkness.

So it has been written. And so it shall be.

We are the Galactic Federation of Light.

As channeled through Greg Giles

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