Top 10 Places You Aren't Allowed To Visit

100th Monkey

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10. RAF Menwith Hill UK

9.Club 33, Disney Land California

8. Bohemian Grove California

7.Vatican Secret Archives

6. Lascaux Caves, France

5. Pine Gap, Australia

4.Metro 2, Moscow Russia

3.Room 39, Pyongyang North Korea

2.Mezghorye, Russia

1. Area 51, Nevada


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Ya, you're not allowed to go there unless you are part of the secret society or societies that have those places for their own uses.

As far as i'm concerned, NOTHING should remain secret from anyone. The whole area 51 thing and aliens, they claim none of that exists because they don't want the public to panic. BS is say. Even if it caused initial panic, the panic wouldn't last long and it would become normal. And if, in area 51 they are building secret weapons and vehicles, etc, that just leaves cause to believe these secret societiy people that govern us and control the world, are planning to use these against us in some way and cause more wars, etc.

Bohemian grove, well, anyone on one of these type sites would already know WHY no one is allowed to go there. That's the main meeting place for the demonic rituals, etc.

I don't know about these other places and what goes on there, but I know they are reserved for "special" people. Only allowed to go by "invitation only". Kept secret to hide SECRETS.

Like i said, I hate secrets, and no one should keep things secret, especially our governments from us. They are supposed to be there to work FOR us, you know, with US in control, not them.

It's BS.