1. 100th Monkey

    Benjamin Fulford, April 1 2014

    Monotheism in crisis as high level insiders claim the Qu’ran and the New Testament were Vatican P2 lodge propaganda Weekly geo-political news and analysis Full Report: Benjamin Fulford April 1, 2014 Monotheism in crisis as high level insiders claim the Qu?ran and the New Testament were...
  2. Boiling Frog

    Did the Vatican Create Islam as a Psy-Ops?

    Is it possible that the Vatican create Islam as a psy-ops?
  3. R

    What Jews would like the new Pope to do

    As a former student at a Catholic Mission and an independent student of the Christianity in the West, I came to the conclusion long time ago that its leaders are judged not by how they serve their religion – but how they serves the state of Israel. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the Pope...
  4. R

    Pope Benedict XVI and the ‘Gay Factor’

    Pope Benedict XVI in his last Sunday mass told his faithful that they had not seen last of him. He assured them that he was retiring from Papacy, but not from the Vatican. Orginally, Benedict had claimed that he was retiring due to his old age and bad health. However, there are rumors which...
  5. ianchris948

    Modern Day Prophecy and Tangible Intangibility

    Deuteronomy 20:1 When you go into war against your enemies and see horses and and chariots and an army greater than yours, do not be afraid of them, because the Lord your God, who brought you up out of Egypt will be with you My entire life the universe has always seemed to respond to me...
  6. Truth Vibrations

    Aliens And The Vatican 2013

    Episode of Unsealed, regarding the UFO cover-up and the Vatican.
  7. 100th Monkey

    Benjamin Fulford Feb. 4, 2013

    Queen Beatrix quits, the Rockefellers flee, the Bushes are rats in a trap; Queen Elizabeth, the Pope and the Rothschilds are still standing by benjamin February 5, 2013 The announcement last week that Queen “Bilderberg” Beatrix of the Netherlands was abdicating the throne is but...
  8. R

    Canadian Bishop: “Jews are enemies of the Church”!

    On January 8, American Jewish lobby group ADL blasted Bishop Bernard Fellay, head of the traditionalist Society of St. Pius X (SSPX), as an “unrepentant antisemite” in response to Bishop’s remarks that “Jewiah people are enemies of the church”. “Bishop Fellay has shown his true colors as an...
  9. R

    Turkey asks for the remains of Santa Clause

    Dr. Nevzat Çevik, archaeology professor at Akdeniz University, Antalya (Turkey) in a recent interview has called on Vatican to return to Turkey the remains of St. Nicholas aka Santa Clause, which were taken out of his original burial place in 1087 CE by force. “The bones of Saint Nicholas were...
  10. Truth Vibrations

    Former Vatican Banker To Expose Cache of Documents

    Vatileaks: The former head of the Vatican Bank has become the Papacy’s Enemy Number One, after police discovered a trove of documents exposing financial misdeeds in the Holy See. The banker now reportedly fears for his life. Earlier this week police conducted a dawn raid on the house and...
  11. 100th Monkey

    The Popes butler arrested - Paolo Gabriele Arrested: Had Secret Documents In Possession, Vatican Says

    AFP May 27, 2012 THE Vatican confirmed today that Pope Benedict XVI’s butler had been arrested on suspicion of leaking confidential documents and letters from the pontiff’s private study to the media. A statement from Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi said that Paolo Gabriele was still in...
  12. 100th Monkey

    Vatican leaked website

    Here's a new webpage devoted to Vatican leaked information:
  13. White Rabbit

    WOW: TRUTH OR FICTION? Tesla, Fish Gods, Popes, Prime Ministers, & More

    In video you will hear about information on: Tesla, the Sumerians, Fish People and the Pope, the hidden library of the Vatican, Tony Blair, gold dumped on the market, Titanic and other missing ships even Princess Diana. Shocking truth that you will not believe.
  14. R

    Mel Gibson: ‘Beware of Jewish vengeance’

    Famous Hollywood actor-director Mel Gibson is in Jewish boxing arena once again. However, this time Mel is being punched for Jewish Warner Bros. which has shelved Gibson’s movie about Jewish hero, Judah Maccabee under pressure from various angry Jewish groups. After Warner Brothers...
  15. maggador

    Jesus: How the Vatican destroyed his teachings & created false religion Christianity

    This is a brief and short little historical overview over the Life of Jesus, events that took place during and after his lifetime, how the Vatican used him to push forth a false religion of lies and deceit, and where we are today Jesus was a common guy as anyone else, he just happened to be...
  16. maggador

    [Wow!] External influences on your mind and body

    Details of unseen energies and forces Those in control are using different forms of External Influences against the population. They mainly use spiritual means such as telepathy, and implements thoughts of their own into your mind that you end up believing is your own thoughts, and so on. They...
  17. 100th Monkey

    Are the "Illuminati are Ending!"

    Four Priests Charged In Vatican Banking Scandal, Vatican Leaks, Berlusconi Corruption Charges, Bankers Link
  18. 100th Monkey

    Top 10 Places You Aren't Allowed To Visit

    10. RAF Menwith Hill UK 9.Club 33, Disney Land California 8. Bohemian Grove California 7.Vatican Secret Archives 6. Lascaux Caves, France 5. Pine Gap, Australia 4.Metro 2, Moscow Russia 3.Room 39, Pyongyang North Korea 2.Mezghorye, Russia 1. Area 51, Nevada
  19. Denise

    SaLuSa ~ A Period of Intense Activity ~ February 13, 2012

    The pressures are mounting on the dark Ones who in recent weeks have lost so much power. They see their financial ploys failing and circumstances turning against them. The cabal have long been identified, and they are now known for what they are in their attempts to bring the world under one...
  20. New UFO Hunter

    The Fatima UFO Hypothesis

    Author and investigative journalist Philip Coppens recently posted an intriguing article about the apparition of the Virgin Mary at Fatima and his theory that the Catholic Church, through a series of manipulations, created one of the most elaborate historical lies that formed the backdrop of...