Top Japanese Scientists: Warming Is Not caused by Human Activity
Monday, March 2, 2009

Western media completely ignores major report from Japan's Energy Commission

A major scientific report by leading Japanese academics concludes that global warming is not man-made and that the overall warming trend from the mid-part of the 20th Century onwards has now stopped.

Unsurprisingly the report, which was released last month, has been completely ignored by the Western corporate media.

The report was undertaken by Japan Society of Energy and Resources (JSER), the academic society representing scientists from the energy and resource fields.

The JSER acts as a government advisory panel, much like the International Panel on Climate Change did for the UN.

The JSER's findings provide a stark contrast to the IPCC's, however, with only one out of five top researchers agreeing with the claim that recent warming has been accelerated by man-made carbon emissions.

The government commissioned report criticizes computer climate modeling and also says that the U.S. ground temperature data set, used to back up the man-made warming claims, is too myopic.

In the last month, no major Western media outlet has covered the report, which prompted British-based sci-tech website The Register to commission a translation of the document.

Section one highlights the fact that Global Warming has ceased, noting that since 2001, the increase in global temperatures has halted, despite a continuing increase in CO2 emissions.

The report then states that the recent warming the planet has experienced is primarily a recovery from the so called "Little Ice Age" that occurred from around 1400 through to 1800, and is part of a natural cycle.

The researchers also conclude that global warming and the HALTING of the temperature rise are related to solar activity, a notion previously dismissed by the IPCC.

"The hypothesis that the majority of global warming can be ascribed to the Green House Effect is mistaken." the report's introduction states.

Kanya Kusano, Program Director and Group Leader for the Earth Simulator at the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science & Technology (JAMSTEC) reiterates this point:

"[The IPCC's] conclusion that from now on atmospheric temperatures are likely to show a continuous, monotonic increase, should be perceived as an unprovable hypothesis,"

Shunichi Akasofu, head of the International Arctic Research Center in Alaska, cites historical data to challenge the claim that very recent temperatures represent an anomaly:

"We should be cautious, IPCC's theory that atmospheric temperature has Risen since 2000 in correspondence with CO2 is nothing but a hypothesis."

"Before anyone noticed, this hypothesis has been substituted for truth ... The opinion that really great disaster will happen must be broken." Akasofu concludes.

The key passages of the translated report can be found here.

The conclusions within the report dove tail with those of hundreds of Western scientists, who have been derided and even compared with Holocaust denier for challenging the so called "consensus" on global warming.

The total lack of exposure that this major report has received is another example of how skewed coverage of climate change is toward one set of assumptions.

This serves the agenda to deliberately whip up mass Hysteria on behalf of governments who are all too eager to introduce Draconians taxation and control measures that will not do anything to combat any form of warming, whether you believe it to be natural or man-made .

Source: info wars
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