Traits of the Survivor


Commitment to Survive
When the going gets tough the most important survival skill is contained within your mind. You need to want to survive, no matter the situation and prospect of outcome. Survivors never give up.

Curiosity and Inquisitiveness
The desire to learn and discover how things work will hone your skills in a wide variety of subjects. Play is natures way of having you learn and develop skills in preparation for the real thing when your playful experience suddenly becomes the deciding factor in whether you make it or not.

Sense of Humor
What is known as Gallows humor has lightened the perceived load of many a survivor. Your sense of humor works as a pressure release mechanism. And if you can make light of your difficulties you are placing yourself above them, a good position from which to take the action you need to survive.

Dealing with Uncertainty
The ability to continue on through adversity even when there is conflicting information and uncertainty. The survivor takes action when action is required, trusting that as events unfold he can fine tune his approach and successfully achieve the desired outcome.

Getting Over It
The survivor mentality does not waste any time over past mistakes or losses. Dwelling in regrets and disappointments changes nothing and is counterproductive. The best way to survive is to do all you can for the situation you are in, and plan future action toward your best advantage.

Adaptive Capacity
Successful wilderness survivors have the ability to take charge and control the environment using their knowledge and materials at hand. They can improvise on the spot, quickly finding new workable ways where none existed before. Whatever happens, the best survivors tackle problems and find solutions.

Those who practice the survival arts become a special breed of person. The personality traits of the wilderness survivor spill over into successful everyday life. Survivors meet life’s challenges with confidence; they improvise, adapt, and overcome.