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This year’s Holocaust Day was no different than the last year’s event. The Israeli, American, German, British, French and Canadian Zionist leaders who attended this year showcase event – all gave speeches about the Islamic Republic and its nuclear program being an ‘existential’ to the Zionist entity which poses greatest threat to world peace.

Benji Netanyahu commented that Holocaust Day might as well be ‘Iran Day’ this year. War-criminals Shimon Peres and Ehud Barak in their speeches called ‘Iran a threat to world peace’. Barack Obama invoked Holocaust to ratchet up war threats against Iran and Syria. Canadian Stephen Harper highlighted Iranian regime’s anti-Semitic rhetoric and recent murder of Jewish children in France as threats the “civilized world” must face. As usual, the murder of tens of thousands of Muslim and Christian children by Jews in occupied Palestine – doesn’t bother Harper’s Christian conscience.

Interestingly, none of these Jews and Crypto-Jewish ‘bleeding hearts’ spent a single day in Auschwitz or any other Nazi concentration camps.

Helen (Leah) Brashatsky, a Jewish Holocaust survivor born in Auschwitz concentration camp – had a different message than these Muslim hating Zionist creeps on the Holocaust Day. In an interview with AFP to mark Holocaust Memorial Day, Helen, now 70, chuckles as she talks about what to call her.

Helen was only 6-year-old when her Hungarian-Russian parents immigrated from Yugoslavia to the British occupied Palestine in 1948. Helen was 17 when she fell in love with Ahmed Jabarin, a young Native Muslim Palestinian. She married him against her Jewish parents permission and moved to Umm al-Fahm from Atlit (near Tel Aviv) where her parents lived.

They were among the Jewish refugees on board a ship which was forced to anchor off the coast of Haifa – waiting for return to Europe when it damaged by members of Jewish terrorist group Haganah, killing several refugees.

Her Muslim name is Leila, but in this Arab town in northern Israel where she has lived for the past 52 years, most people call her Umm Raja, Arabic for “Raja’s mother” after her first-born son.

Helen did not convert to Islam until her oldest son turned 18 and was asked to report for the compulsory military service as Israeli Jewish citizen. At that point, Helen’s mother advised her to leave Jewish religion for Islam and save her son from killing innocent Palestinian children.

“My mother said I should convert to Islam to save my daughter from serving in the army because Muslims would not let a girl live away from home on an army camp,” said Leila Jabarin.

“I hid my pain for 52 years and the truth about my past from my eight children and my 31 grandchildren. I hid the fact that I was born in Auschwitz and what that painful past means. I was just waiting for the right moment to tell them,” said Leila.

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