Transplant Survivors


The girl with a pair of pickled eyes
gets fresh ones, filling Ramona's with tears
when her bandaged child agrees to sit,
eat a spoonful of Jell-O, and grope
her way to the toilet without a nurse.
But napping after lunch (with mother
dozing in a chair) the girl spots her
donor's face. And tugging at the sockets
of his tarnished, hollow gaze, two gulls.
The girl screams. A passing nurse
pages the doctor, who reassures the mother
such fabulous dreams ('a common side effect
of morphine') will pass as Kim recovers.
Pillow-propped, crowded by animals,
the patient turns her blindfold stare
from parking lot to doctor:
'Each better place is next to nothing,' she said.
'The difference is both hard and clear.'