[Question?] My friends dreams and(msgs to me everything happens for a reason)


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My friend got the call Mon evening that she never wanted to get. Her great-aunt and godmother had passed at 99. Now the reason why I mention this is she thinks the dream (she very rarely remembers her dreams) but off and on for the last 3 days, she's been dreaming of an old man that has the funeral home. This time she was dozing off in front of the television set,as she is want to do, because she's bored, with some of the programming, (sometimes she reads a book and uses just as background noise) but she said something before that wasn't quite audible, and then she says you'll meet the old man when you pick out my casket. So our thinking is that it has some kind of connection to her aunt's death.

My friend is like a mother to me, I've mentioned her in other posts so I won't be too repetitious.

P. S.(For the last two days on different programs I'm being reminded from the people on the show everything happens for a reason)

Can anyone intrepret?
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