True Crime Nonfiction On Sale Now


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I have recently republished my personal memoir with an updated revision and I am extending a fairly large discount to members and friends of this forum. The title is " Pandora, her Box and her Daddy's Curse "

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The listed price is $14.99 USD which may be purchased in US Dollar, Euro, or British Pound Sterling. The discount amount is $9.00 USD and it is valid through this link by using the discount code : 69MZYC7W during checkout.

In addition, my book is also available on Kindle in Kindle format and there is currently a free promotion taking place on Amazon Pandora, her Box and her Daddy's Curse eBook: Alejandro Estrada: Kindle Store

There are several paperback formats on the market and the discount code applies towards the 6'' x 9'' B/W format (total page count is 178). There is also a 5'' x 8'' B/W (221 pages) and 6'' x 9'' color edition. I am currently working on a 8'' x 11'' large print edition. The 6'' x 9'' book size seems to be the most user friendly as far as formatting and printing price is concerned.

Kindly let me know if there any problems with the links I have provided.