TWO EYEWITNESS VIDEOS: International Space Station Has UFO Disk Recorded On Live Cam

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Date of sighting: January 15, 2012
Location of sighting: International Space Station

Watch this video of a UFO he caught near the ISS on Jan 15th. He mentions that it could be a reflection and yes that is a possibility, however the UFO seems classic disk style and solid. I also recorded this video at the same time as this guy. His video seems more clear than mine, but its good a second person recorded this UFO. Its called getting confirmation from other eyewitnesses. I uploaded my video to bottom and sadly its not as much details as his. SCW

The other eyewitness states: "This was taken on Sunday 15th Jan 2012 around 10am GMT. There is a FADE after the first couple of seconds, it never actually moved. ISS then moved the camera before it came around again so I've haven't seen it again

The below video is what I caught, lower resolution, not sure why. o_O I used ScreenRecordSTD on Macbook, I should have recorded it in full screen mode.