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Dec 16, 2011


I have heard Steve Quayle a number of times interviewed by George Noory on Coast To Coast AM. I wanted to pass this along. I was driving tractor trailers for a company in Western Massachusetts, along the border with Connecticut. One day I was assigned to make a delivery in Connecticut, then head back, to pick up a trailer for another relatively short run back into Connecticut.

In Connecticut there is Interstate 84 west and Interstate 91. There is a connecting highway between them called Interstate 691. If you were to look at a map of Connecticut and see 84, 91 and 691 and follow 691 to where 691 crosses Route 10 a very interesting but hushed up find by myself and four young boys kicking around a soccer ball, and playing in a meadow surrounded by a wooded area.

I pulled my tractor trailer over to the side of the highway to run into the woods to relieve myself. Off in the distance I saw the four boys kicking a soccer ball in a flat open meadow. Suddenly the soccer ball hit something and caused the soccer ball to bounce straight up. The ground looked completely flat, but what caused the ball to bounce up like that. So my curiosity got the better of me, and I walked out and spoke to the boys ranging from age 11 to 13. I thought perhaps it might be a root of some kind of root or tree branch. Well, the 5 of us began digging with our hands. We uncovered a shoulder and arm of a Giant Human Being and part of a dinosaur, with skin still intact on both, just below the surface of the ground. A couple of boys began to panic, but one boy was so excited, he ran home and dragged his father out. This boy's father was a professor and archeologist from Yale University.

The father began digging, very carefully. Over the next few days an entire crew of people came from Yale and had done some extensive digging. This had made the local Hartford Television news, but was quickly shut up again. On my day off a few days later, I drove down to the site, and was in for the shock of a lifetime. Once I got past fighting my way through security, my eyes could hardly believe what I was about to see.

There were four human beings, a male, 20 feet tall, with a child with their hand in his hand, a female giant 18 feet tall, with a pack on her back, with an infant in the pack. The male was holding a woven

gut rope around the neck of a dinosaur, that looked just like a Brontosaurus, except with teeth, of a carnivorous, flesh eating animal. The professor told me there was one other dinosaur just like this one found about 10 years previous also in Connecticut, a brontosaurus like dinosaur, but with carnivorous teeth, not plant eating teeth. The dinosaur was actually an omnivore, and would eat plants and flesh. The proof was there was plants still in it's mouth, and flesh still in it's stomach. The Giants family also recently had eaten. Somehow the whole situation must have been flash frozen, then somehow mummified over time to preserve the flesh on the giants as well as the dinosaur.

Once the dig was completed, the carcasses were removed very carefully, in refrigerated trucks for the human giants, and the dinosaur was carefully placed on a flat platform, and hauled away somewhere by two Sikorsky Sky Crane helicopters. Amazing to watch them lift off with the flat platform. I was told in no uncertain terms was I ever to speak of this to anyone, I did not see this, I did not have any knowledge of this find, or else. Shhhh!!! I never sent you this.

R.S. Holoke Mass.