U.S. Economy: 954 million dollars for vaccines


Outreach Plan U.S. economy: 954 million dollars for vaccines
Saturday, February 14, 2009

In the U.S. Senate today agreed on an incentive plan for the economy of 780 billion dollars. As often with such plans, there was so much hurry to get things done at the politicians who cast their votes it had not had the chance to read the plan. A reader of NaturalNews.com has done, and discovered the following passage:

$ 954000000 shall be used as an additional amount to carry out the Immunization program authorized by section 317 (a), (j) and (k) (1) of the Public Health Service Act (Section 317 Immunization program ")

Translated, this means that almost 1 billion dollars will be earmarked for new vaccinations for children. And to think that American children receive 28 injections, more than twice as much as 30 years ago.
The big question is what to do with solving the economic crisis. Is Obama the Government sometimes plan a vaccine against overall economic malaise develop?

We give a message against darker agenda.

Source: tegenbericht.wordpress.com