[Fake] UFO With 'alien head' sticking out discovered on Google Earth Image


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I was realty bothered by this, mainly because it fool a lot of people!

If you have Google Earth installed, you can just search the coordinates from the video here:

47°51'17.60"N , 115°36'42.60"W

Here is a quick link to the coordinates mention in the video that will load in your browser:
https://www.google.com/maps/place/4...WIpOraGBqpH1YOruKf6iQ!2e0!4m2 !3m1!1s0x0:0x0

However if you go further down the road you will see the UFO directly on the asphalt, how embarrassing for youtuber Scott Waring.

48° 5'30.19"N, 116° 1'53.82"W

All he is looking at is lens flair and JPG artifacts, way to discredit the UFO community Scott! Do more research before you post something so obviously not a UFO!

The Daily Mirror even has an article on this?
UFO with 'alien head' sticking out discovered on Google Earth image - Mirror Online

Either this guy is a government shill or...

Here are some of the comments on youtube supporting this UFO claim!

Michal Chojnacki - Like you couldn't copy that thing to any photo in photoshop... One thing is sure, lens flare does not get covered by a tree. And this object does. There is the proof on the link I posted, anyone can check it. ?

Mike Blake - Warn the cows! Awesome Awesome catch, Scott and Scott's source:)?

Nellie Price - What speeds were they traveling at,at this time of this thing appearing OUTSIDE the ship??

Stuart McDonn. - As much as I Believe in UFO's & Bigfoot & a Few Other Things that people will probably think I'm a KooK for! Why when the Sat. Pics were Higher Up was there NO Sign of the UFO? Though the pics from the Ground were Pretty KooL?? I Don't Believe 'LENS FLARE' Answers Everything? {;-)

JIMvc2 - I did this on google earth and I was surprised. I followed the path down the road and it seems the ufo is moving farther and farther. Awesome?

macylapy - Good shit. Can I just say that if you turn around so facing opposite direction from ufo as you move down the bridge in one frame there appears to be either another ufo or a black helecopter. Let me know what you make of that ?

bruce li - i saw many of this in montagu island to?

Nellie Price - Makes sense to me,wonder what he was looking at and why! Interesting stuff!?

UKz DoleSnacher - Look to the right of that... There is a black triangle next to it?

G Banerjee - This could be true that the craft shown in this video may be UFO's. But how is this possible that Aliens can take out the head of spacecraft? Can we take out our heads of plane's window??

Jerry Blande - sick, awesome, WOW!!!?

Greg Boone - Say, isn't this the same video and image of a Turkish UFO taken years ago? What is this, re-hash UFO theater??

nicole victory - demon/fallen angel or alien time to turn to jesus ?

Barbara Snowberger - I'm sorry for the negative comments you've received over this. Having actually SEEN once what I perceived to be an alien Gray, I think this is genuine. Whether they are biological beings or androids makes no difference. This looks like the three I saw back in 2001. It's not something you forget...?

Michael Anthony - I heard Scott saying, on the video,..:"its freaky and amazing"! How true - what would be the distance at which this so-called 'UFO' is captured by Google Earthveiw system and from such a distance how could the supposed 'Alien's head' appear almost 10-15 % of the size of the alleged Ufo - certainly freaky and amazing!?!