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Although this clip starts off with the long-since-debunked clip of a UFO filmed from a helicopter maneuvering around the World Trade Center, in July of 2000 the rest of this British documentary has good information about known German antigravity programs, citing Werhner von Braun's mentor, NASA Space Scientist, Dr. Herman Oberth, who claimed in 1972 that: "We cannot take credit for our record advancement in certain scientific fields, alone. We have been HELPED. And we have been helped by the people of OTHER WORLDS."

Mexican journalist, Jaime Maussan is interviewed, claiming that there is a "...monopoly conducted through science about finding life in different planets or in space...we have many different reasons to suspect that NASA has been lying in every respect."

Alexandra Bruce note: This sentiment could very well extend to Oberth's allegation that anti-gravity technology was derived from an off-planetary source. There is a well-argued school of thought that UFOs and "alien abductions" are 100% terrestrial.

Maussan continues, "It is very difficult to know whether or not the politicians know the truth or not. We know that there is a government inside the government." Maussan claims that the same group who comprised the Manhattan Project went on to stage manage the historic Roswell and Socorro UFO crashes in the New Mexican desert. The group, which was later to be known as "MJ12" operates under a different name today.

He goes on to say that, "The Russians now have a very different policy around these phenomena." He mentions a meeting between US President Ronald Reagan and Russian President Mikhail Gorbachev and how the latter was insistent on asking Reagan about what the US had done with the technologies given to them by "the others," Reagan was said to reply, "well what did YOU do with it?" Maussan points out that nothing was ever publicly said about aliens but that Gorbachev was said to have surrendered the Cold War, due to his belief that the Americans had very sophisticated technology supplied by the so-called "Gray" aliens.

Shortly after this meeting, Russian Cosmonauts came forward and described their experiences with UFOs, releasing videos taken from inside the MIR space station (featured here), with dozens strange objects floating around the Russian craft in space.

The the clip also shows footage taken from NASA's (now retired) Space Shuttle and given to the Russian Space Program, showing many strange objects glancing through space, especially a strange manhole cover-sized object, twirling about the MIR space station.

Maussan says that these NASA videos were never directly released by them and that nobody should expect to get any UFO information from NASA but instead to find footage of UFOs through outside sources, such as the images recorded by hundreds of Mexican citizens during a massive UFO "flap," which occurred there during the early 1990s.