US and Philippines plan military exercises


US and Philippines plan military exercises

Philippines plan military exercises in insurgency hotbeds.

MANILA: Communist rebels accused the Philippines government Wednesday of using military exercises with the US as a front for attacking insurgents who have been waging a decades-old Maoist campaign.

About 6,000 US troops will join 2,500 Filipino soldiers in the manoeuvres from April 16 to 28. The main part will take place at Filipino military bases north and south of Manila, said Major Ramon Zagala, the Filipino spokesman for the annual Balikatan (Shoulder to Shoulder) exercises. He added that US military medics and engineers would also conduct clinics and build schools and other basic infrastructure in the Bicol region southeast of Manila and the adjacent Masbate island group. Both areas are known to be hotbeds for the Communist Party of the Philippines’ New People’s Army (NPA), which has been waging a 40-year rebellion.

Someday they will be calling you an insurgent?
February 4th, 2009 in Breaking News, Troop Movement