US Crawling Internet Ahead of Upcoming Wikileaks UFO Disclosure


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US Navy Network Information Center Crawling Internet Ahead Of Upcoming Wikileaks UFOs Disclosure.

In our previous article on Wikileaks and UFOs, we reported that Wikileaks upcoming UFO disclosure documents, may contain Cosmic Top Secret files.

In the article we also reported that is receiving unexpected visitors logs as well, many people emailed us and asked about the authenticity of the news and some Debunkers had even criticized us by calling attention grabbers.

Now we have decided to publish one of the Log, in which US "Navy Network Information Center or NNIC' searching the term - Wikileaks UFO.

Down below is screenshot of alleged log :


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They are real they live inside of earth as well as inside the sun mars moon venus and other planets see this isnt our first time going thru this as beings this is a repeated process thruout time inner earth is just as populated as outer earth lol believe it or not area 51 is 27 levels every level past 16 is strictly controled by extra terrestrials!!! Look it up the question i have for you is when will the government come clean and let us in on the secret?