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Could we be coming closer to disclosure. It would be nice to end the speculation. I think we're mature enough "we could handle the truth" At least those of us who read and listen to alternative news are. I think, or am I wrong? Could some of what is seen be us? I don't know I've never seen one but am open to the subject.

Documents published by the US National Archives give new information about a craft commissioned by the US air force, which if successfully developed would have achieved speeds of 2,600mph and flown at around 100,000ft.Details of the proposed craft have been around for years. But the declassified papers include new diagrams and documents that demonstrate the scale of the project’s ambition.

I don't know how reputable this paper is but I do know the English seem to know plenty about what goes on over here.
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I think you and I could handle the truth... but it would mean we would need to rewrite history, not sure how happy the 2.5 billion christians would be to find out that the little boy from Nazareth who grew up to turn water into wine and called himself Jesus wasn't actually real. Humanity is still too young, So I suggest it needs to remain as is for now. But, Funny how there's more evidence proving that UFOs and Extraterrestrials have visited earth, yet we don't even have records of Jesus Birthdate?

We seem to have to keep a lot of information on UFO sightings classified... Hmm I wonder why?
First of all a belated welcome. I was a way for awhile due to the city taking down the public wi-fi. it was nice while it lasted.

It would be interesting to see what would happen if they would just admit something was going on.

They sure do put in a lot of effort to cover up "weather balloons" and what not, don't they? Our tax dollars at work.