Venezuelan Military Seizes Ports


Venezuelan Military Seizes Ports
Sun, 22 Mar 2009


The ports are a major source of income for state governments

On March 21st, Venezuelan armed forces occupied air and sea port terminals in Zulia, Carabobo, Nueva Esparta, and Maracaibo.

This comes nearly a week after Venezuela’s parliament, under Hugo Chavez, approved of military means to place the country’s main economic centers under federal control. Chavez asserts that it will be effective in unifying the country, which in his words ‘was in pieces.’ In approving the action, Chavez also threatened leaders opposing the decision with immediate arrest.

The previous week also came with the approval of a constitutional amendment which will allow Chavez power beyond that of the original two terms.
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Venezuelan economic terminals fall under federal control

Venezuela’s military has taken control of key airports and sea ports under the terms of a move rubber-stamped by parliament a week ago.

The move centralises the running of the country’s main transport hubs.

President Hugo Chavez has pushed for the move, describing it as “reunifying the motherland, which was in pieces”.

Critics of Mr Chavez say the plans are unconstitutional, but the National Assembly backed them a week ago, saying they would improve essential services.

State governments in Venezuela have controlled the country’s most important airports, sea ports and major highways since a move towards decentralization began some 20 years ago, the AFP news agency says.
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