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Abraham Foxman, head of Israel’s advocacy group, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) issued a statement on January 30, 2013, accusing ailing Venezuelan Presiden Hugo Chavez and his government for spying on country’s Jewish community.

“Venezuela under the regime of Hugo Chavez has a history of harassing the Jewish community in that country. It’s chilling to read the reports that the Venezuelan Intelligence Service (SEBIN) received instructions to carry out clandestine surveillance operation against members of the Jewish community, as described in detail in document leaked by the Argentinian website Analisis24,” said the statement.

I don’t know exactly where this Spanish website is located but its pro-Israel and anti-Palestinian posts do show where the webmaster’s heart lies.

ADL is welknown for fabricating the so-called “hatred toward Jews (antisemitism)” propaganda to maintain westerns guilty conscience alive based on the Nazi Holocaust, which Rabbi Wolf Gunther Plaut (died 2012) claimed was carried out by the Frankist Jews. For example, in June 2010, ADL in a statement had claimed that criticism of Israel by President Hugo Chavez and other government officials were fueling hatred toward country’s Jewish community. This admission clearly shows that the US Jewish groups are not much concerned about the condition of the Venezuelan Jews – but are using them as a tool to demonize Chavez government which supports anti-Israel Hamas, Hizballah, Sudan and Iran.

On March 20, 2012, ADL website claimed that antisemitism was on rise in European countries. “In Hungary, Spain and Poland the numbers for antisemitic attitudes are literally off-the-charts and demand a serious response from political, civic and religious leaders,” wrote Abe Foxman.

Despite the fact that those three “terrible antisemitic” countries are pro-Israel and anti-Iran – ADL survey found out that majority of people in those countries believe that Jews living in those countries were more loyal to state of Israel than the country they lived in.

How persecuted Jewish community is in Venezuela? The Breitbart, a Jewish media outlet, on January 17, 2013 had reported that Hugo Chavez’s opponent in last presidential election, Henrique Capriles, could become the first Jewish President of Venezuela. Henrique Capriles has just won re-election as Governor of the state of Miranda.

“Should Chavez succumb to cancer, Capriles will likely face off against his successor. Although little mentioned, Capriles would likely be the first Jewish head of state in Western Hemisphere. Although, Capriles practices Catholic religion – his both his mother and grandmother are Jewish,” Breitbart reported.

During his visit to Cuba on January 31, the former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva met with Chavez’s daughter, Rosa Virginia; Venezuelan Foreign Minister Elias Jaua and the medical team treating Chavez. He was told that Chavez was recovering well from the operation that took place in December 2012.

Lula, who governed Brazil between 2003 and 2010, participated in the Third International Conference for World Equilibrium, held in the Cuban capital Havana. During a speech at the closing ceremony, the former Brazilian president appeared wearing a red shirt in tribute to Chavez. He also criticized US President Barack Obama for his policy toward Latin America.

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