Truth feeder
Source: veritasshow.com

This is a Veritas Special Report with Jim Humble entitled The FDA Vs Jim Humble's MMS. Listen what this brave man has been able to accomplish worldwide. The FDA is warning people not to use MMS when over 200,000 people died last year of correctly prescribed medicines approved by the FDA. You decide.

In a sentence, that's what dedicated users seem to achieve with this miracle mineral supplement. Doesn't matter where you've traveled or what parasites float in your blood. That's what activated MMS does -- IT KILLS PATHOGENS whether in the air, on your kitchen cutting board, under your toe nail, or in your blood. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) analysis at http://mms-articles.com is one of many substantiating references.

What are pathogens? ClO2 gas has been used outside the body to:
- Kill anthrax in government offices
- Cleanse cruise ships of stubborn stomach viruses
.........(how do you scrub down 1,200 ocean liner rooms? Pump ClO2 gas throughout the whole ship for 12 hours.)

- Remove fungus from restaurants and homes after the new Orleans Katrina storm
- Purify lake water fed to the city water supply
- Stop the spread of staph infections when they arise
- Kill salmonella and E. coli by passing vegetables/fish through a cloud of ClO2 gas."