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100th Monkey

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This is a good way to visualize our dependence on gasoline, it's too bad they won't release those free energy devices to us.

Next time you find yourself in traffic, try this nifty thought exercise. Ignore the cars within your field of vision and imagine instead the contents of their fuel tanks. Visualize gasoline flowing up and down the highway.

Let’s assume the typical American car carries seven gallons of refined petroleum product in its tank at any given moment (a 15-gallon tank half-full). That’s a lot of liquid to be carting around. In fact, gasoline is the second-most-consumed fluid in the US after water. Each American household consumes an average of 350 gallons of water per day and 2.5 gallons of gasoline; milk, coffee, and beer clock in at .15 gallons, .12 gallons, and .1 gallons respectively.

Visualize Gasoline


Why would they ever release free energy devices to us, when they can making keep having us go back to the pump and pay. All money game even if the environment pays for it.

White Rabbit

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I think gasoline is actually good for the environment, remember plants absorb carbon and most of the exhaust is some sort of carbon emissions so as far as I'm concerned that means more plant life and more for humans to eat.