Volume 1.Healing your self''

Volume 1.Healing your self'' FROM NEGATIVE THOUGHTS

April 12, 2013. ‘Thinking it’

I decided to create a form of bots to take all my negative thoughts away.

April 13th, 2013 Thinking it.

I created one thought in my head of a single bumble looking bot, to take the trash as to say, out my head.

April 13th thinking it.

I gave the bot a trash bag, so he or she could take all my negative thought out my head.

April 14th thinking it.

I think the bot is to slow, so I gave it wings.

April 15th.thinking it.

I have used this bot to take out the garbage out my head every time a negative thought comes in, I tell the bot to take the trash out.

April 15th through April 20th…thinking it.

Theses past 4 days have been very disturbing as I have practically giving up on my idea ,as negative thought are running ramped, and the little bot thing is either just to slow or..

April 22nd thinking it
I added more bots and have made them faster as the negative thoughts seem to be coming from me and not me???????

April 23rd to May 2nd thinking it
The bots seem to be doing there job as I have close to 50 bots taking the trash out.


MAY 4TH.Not Thinking, the bots are all resting under a tree.

May 7th.for three days I have been thinking negative ,and for some reason I can’t think the bots to do something about it.’’’’ Very weird and very strange’

May 9th Not thinking OMG…OMG AGAIN.
The fat well dressed bot appears again, but this time, he has bought some…friends in dirty uniforms.

May 9th…Not thinking.
Before bed time, the bots with the dirty uniforms start building something.

May 11th NOT thinking.
The bots that take the trash out are going in this building, loll, that I guess the other bots built for the fat bot, I gueESS.

May 11th.thinking it’
’Why every time I think of these bots‘, I can’t think of them, and every time I don’t think of them, and they appear, and I think of THEM , the thought goes away. What’s going on?

May 12th.Not thinking,
Trying not to get too excited, because every time I think they disappear.

May 13th thinking it
…I wonder is the fat bot a boss or something.

May 14th thinking it
My head hurts so bad, so cloudy so …I don’t know.

May 16th.not thinking.
The fat bot is talking to the handy bots as I have giving them a title.

The boss bot.
The worker bots
And the handy bots…I guess.

May 17th The first time in which I don’t think, when not thinking, I don’t get excited, and im not adding anything to the thought as I have done before and have messed the …whatever it is up.

May 17th

I concentrate on not thinking and letting this vision or whatever it is I taped into go on with out interruption.

May 17th not thinking very hard, not trying to interfere.

It seems that all the trash that the bots collected was just thrown in a field, the trash almost reached the sky and that’s what causing theses headaches.

May 19th none thinking.

It seems that the fat bot hired the handy bots to build a giant trash compacter that burns, as the bots are all DROPINNG the trash into the trash compacter. WTH!

After the bots finished with the trash, it seems like the building that was first built, has beds for them and a lunch line for them TO EAT AS well…You can’t be serious, I swear to god, ya just can’t be serious.

Every since May 19th of 2013.I have not had one single bad thought, and my gifts I believe are at 97% full strength.

I started out with one bot and then I added 50 bots in all.

My brain came up with a boss…some handy bots ,a place for them to live and eat, and a trash compacter for them to put the trash IN.

I don’t have to say take the trash out,I don’t have to make them fly no more,I don’t have to think the bots to DO any thing any more...atleast for right now.
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Not bots, youz describing smart drones. Smart drones do a lot of things. They take out the trash and get you a beer when you come home. They rinse your dishes and put them in the dishwasher, even giving you a foot message without asking, which after a hard days work means the world. Oh heck, the Moon too. However they can't marry you because that's not legal... yet.

Linda Brown

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The one and only I hope!

So nice to see your post.

I am waiting for smart drones too.... besides saving me a trip to the market... they might even take out the trash. <g>

I still see you crossing a bridge with your truck. I hope you are well. Linda


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One and only, one of a kind, I do like to think of myself as original. ;-)

Smart drones are the future I guess. That's DPD1's industry. We should invite him here and get his opinion. He's an engineer for the avionic communication systems on drones from what I understand for LM.

Anyway I hope I made the crossing successfully in your vision. The one crossing that was the most challenging was taking a set of doubles empty across the Golden Gate on a windy day back in the 90s. I'm pretty sure I will never do it again, I'll take the Bay Bridge to Oakland next time.

All my best to you, Linda :)