Warning"CFL bulbs have high-doses of harmful radiation"


The result of 20 minutes reading a book next to a saving. It is only a few, but the radiation caused by saving a lot more health problems.

Recent studies suggest that low-CFL, where the Dutch population according to the mass public should switch, high amounts of UV and RF radiation, which some people in other migraines, sleeping problems, dizziness, nausea, fatigue, skin problems and even can cause blistering. Scientists say that the mandatory switch to energy saving therefore massive health problems may result (including 4 YouTube videos).

In a recent episode of Canadian TV is 16:9 in the "dirty energy" which unveiled saving, energy efficient (and thus environmentally friendly) and money-saving would be a negative impact on our health seems to have. The program allows a number of people on the floor, including (neuro-) scientists, the harmful effects of saving confirm.

The face of the London resident Brenda Rider swelled completely red after only 20 minutes next to a saving was sitting reading a book (picture). Others complain of headache, nausea, dizziness and difficulty sleeping. By saving all those who then remove from their homes, these complaints quickly.

It was also Jane Pentilock, residing in Ontario. After the ordinary light bulbs in her house was replaced by energy saving, was at various places on her body a strange rash. She did extensive medical examinations, but without result. 16:9 decided a thorough investigation into the effects of saving.

Scientists recognize that saving UV radiation issue, as the Sunday Health Canada, an official supervising medical authority says that CFL lamps are indeed not filter UV rays contain that people with sensitive skin problems could indeed be specially people who suffer from skin diseases. The aforementioned Brenda Rider suffers for example, the skin disease Lupus.

If the lamps a high dose of UV radiation, they can cause skin cancer? 16:9 calls it disturbing that nobody can answer geven.10 months the program tried to come in contact with Health Canada, but the government refused to appear on camera.

English experts confirm dangers

Government Experts in England were willing to talk about the dangers of saving. According to a British official from research showed that about 1 in 5 tested saving unusual quantities UV radiation. The mark-saving makes no difference. With low cover, the UV radiation is sufficient to stop. The official says that the time is that there is a general standard for UV lamps is. People should avoid using more than 1 hour close to a saving trapped. The UV radiation is high albeit not huge, but much higher than we expected. "

In 2012 in Canada and possibly also in the European Union banned the old lightbulbs, and the population required to switch to energy saving. A British lobby makes every effort to learn more about the potential dangers of bulbs to find out. So now discovered that saving without cover (without filter, so that the curved fluorescent tube / tubes to see) a high dose of UV radiation, which some people skin problems and even blisters can get. "Time will tell whether there is also the skin can occur," said a spokesman for the interest group.

Dermatologist Dr. Sheryl Rosen advises parents that their children are not too close to saving in the neighborhood to come, until more is known about the harmful effects.

16:9 also tried for months to come into contact with the 3 biggest saving producers: Philips, General Electric and Sylvania. Only Philips responded with the statement that the concerns about the high UV radiation are investigated. However, all three companies insist that the bulbs are safe and meet all industry standards. For they deny this is for the camera to confirm.

RF radiation levels low too high

According to 16:9, the high UV radiation in some types of energy saving issue, however, just the tip of the iceberg. Dr. Magda Habis test all sorts of lights on so-called 'dirty electricity'. Habis is an expert in her field and test the quality of the energy and the amount of RF (Radio Frequency) radiation that lights out. "All-CFL bulbs contain mercury, 'explains it. "That is necessary for the fluorescence to make the light bulbs."

A "clean electricity" lamp should Habis its' Meter Microaurgo 'a value of less than 50 units issue. First test a traditional light bulb, a 29 to 26 units issued well within the 'clean' margin. But then they test a saving, which the meter is to punch 550-600 units, more than 11x higher than the safe level. "Many people react negatively to saving," she explains. "They get headaches, pain in their body and get some sleep and fatigue complaints."

"An energy-saving already over 500 units. Can you imagine how much radiation 2 or 4 of these lights out? " The towering RF radiation both the bulbs without a UV filter.

Scientists can not agree on whether people actually 'electromagnetic hypersensitivity' may suffer, and so sick of high doses of RF radiation. The same scientists who deny that, for example radiation from mobile phones and other electronic equipment may be harmful.

Larry Newman is neurologist and had sudden severe migraine attacks after the ordinary light bulbs in his neighborhood were replaced by energy saving. "From my experience I can say that a definitive link between saving and my headache," he says. According to him he gets more and more hours on his patients who complain of health problems as a result of saving. Other scientists or deny the relationship, but Newman show the experiences of his patients and himself unequivocally, that among other bulbs can cause migraine.

Amanda is one of his patients. She says that saving her a kind warm feeling on her forehead gave then a dull headache behind her eyes got. Also, she was a little dizziness and tired of. "It is very strange. The lights were so great, good for the environment and energy saving." Yet they had the CFL bulbs, discard and replace old-fashioned light bulbs.

Newman: "As soon as stores, shopping centers and people's homes all over on saving, you get a significant number of people with migraine, who probably have no idea where they get."

Another neurologist and headache expert, Dr. Christine Lay says that people like Amanda and others prove that the lamps may have negative effects. "I think there is something very often is marketed with the people after the discovery that there is something going on. We hope that more people are afraid to come outside, and that more scientists will examine the problem. "

Health Canada acknowledges that the low RF radiation, but it says that the quantities of 'safe' and that the radiation is thousands of times below the legally permitted level.

Kevin Burns was recently in the room of his house is 1 or 2 bulbs. The pain he said there was by was similar to rheumatism. He became so convinced that something is wrong with saving and 'electrical pollution' in general, his job cancellation and decided to houses of people to go check this' electrical pollution ', beginning with saving.

He lets the camera see how his electric meter that registers radiation, and further uitslaat as the meter closer to a saving toebeweegt. At about 30 centimeters away from the meter stores up to 1,000 volts per meter. "This electrical energy is going through your body and disappears into the ground," said Burns. "There are many people who receive complaints by energy saving, such as headache, fatigue and other types of chronic pain."

Magda says she is familiar with the doubts that all these people are really sick. "There is definitely something wrong with these lamps. People can easily test the bulbs in their house a few days to do, and then see if their symptoms diminish or disappear. " Magda test then another new type lamp, the LED lamp. "The meter is 27, so no 'dirty electricity'." In addition, they contain no mercury, so they cause no health problems and they are many times more efficient than CFL-bulbs. Only drawback of LED lights: the very high price.

Magda: "People with these symptoms to their doctor. After all investigations found nothing but complaints continue. They are then sent to a psychiatrist because they think it is between their ears. And that is unfortunate, because the problems are so easy to solve. "

16:9 - Continued Delivery

After the first episode on the harmful effects of 16:9 was saving hundreds of emails and letters from people who had similar experiences. Also many of them wanted to know what the government intends to be here to do.

Another patient: LouAnn. She experienced nausea, dizziness and had difficulty focusing her eyes. When saw the first episode of 16:9 on saving. As a result, she decided the saving from her house to remove. After a few days, all her symptoms disappeared. "That must have been the saving that can not otherwise. After I had removed, I had no burden anymore. "

Scientist David Sugarman explains how bulbs UV radiation can issue. "There is mercury vapor, which is activated by electricity. The mercury vapor is in the process of UV radiation, which then activates a fluorescent powder, which creates light. " The same applies to fluorescent fluorescent tubes.

People who suffer from the UV and / or RF radiation-saving CFL bulbs can not simply throw in the wastebasket bank, because there is mercury in it. The lamps are so small in the chemical waste and should be submitted separately or be by the relevant waste and environmental settings.

A British scientist said that even the small amount of mercury vapor in a saving but may be harmful if the lamp is broken. "Mercury vapor is a neuro toxin (substance which can affect the nervous system), so you should absolutely not be exposed."

Finally succeeded in 16:9 to get an interview with someone from the government Health Canada. Robert Bradley: 'We need more information to be able to give good advice. If the information is justified, we will certainly take action. " Health Canada is saving now testing the effects of the emitted UV and RF radiation and expected in the autumn to have the investigation completed.

Epidemoloog Dr Samual Mulham test the bulbs in the vicinity of a radio. The closer a saving in the vicinity of the radio moves, the more the device will malfunction. Some packages of bulbs is also warning that the lighting operation of radio, TV, phone and remote controls can interfere.

Then Kevin Burns again for the camera, the man from the first episode that his job gave to people at home to measure electric fields, especially those emitted by bulbs. In the house of Rose, he shows how the saving beside her bed 700-800 RF between the units out, while less than 50 would need to 'clean' to be mentioned (see the first episode).

Besides saving Burns test all electrical equipment in someone's house on both electric and electromagnetic radiation. According to him, people should avoid them next to their bed have an alarm clock, or directly next to a stop us sleeping. Rose, who suffers from skin disease Lupus and two small children: "It is very frustrating. We were safe in our homes. But our homes make us sick - just disgusting. And frightening. What is that radiation with my children? "

Expert Magda Havis about 'dirty electricity': 'This refers to high frequencies in electricity wires. Dirty electricity is by any electronic device is not a good filter, broadcast. "

The comments of Robert Bradley, Head of the Radiation Protection Bureau of the government: 'To be honest I' dirty electricity "is not. It seems to be something that is not well understood by scientists, and will not be accepted. Therefore, the link between dirty electricity and the health of some people not clear to me. "

The World Health Organization recognizes that there is such a thing as "electromagnetic hyper-sensitivity ', and that people are sick of the radiation of electronic equipment. Scientists, however, disagree with each other or the radiation can make people actually care. Magda Havis: "That some people who have hyper-sensitivity does not mean that the rest of us, that no such symptoms, not affected by radiation. We believe that about 3% of the population react very strongly to this form of energy. "

Wireless internet is not recommended in Germany / Cancer at school

Wireless internet (WiFi) is a great source of RF radiation. According to 16:9, the German government now recommended for both home and at work using WiFi equipment, so the exposure of humans to radiation reduction. Healt Canada is such a drastic measure for Canada not necessary.

Gill Cohen had never heard of dirty electricity until she was diagnosed with breast cancer. They once worked on the La Quinta Middle School in Palm Desert, California. A remarkably high number of teachers of this school was cancer. "It is no coincidence. There are just too many people in this school who have cancer, "says Gill.

The earlier to speak epidemoloog Dr. Samuel Mulham performed research into the cancer cases at the school. "The number of new cancer cases per year is three times higher than average," said Mulham. "We have examined why this is so, and we came to the conclusion that it must be dirty electricity. We have found a correlation between the amount of radiation from dirty power and the likelihood that a teacher would get cancer. The higher the radiation level in a classroom, the more the greater the chance appeared to be. "

The school and the local government can not agree and says that the school 'safe' is. Dr. Samuel Mulham: "That means that teachers and students are still exposed to that radiation. We can therefore expect more cancer cases. "

Rose waits at least not on scientific confirmation. They let Kevin Burns install filters in her home, which the radiation level is significantly reduced. They want to get rid of her sleeping and her two small children are not yet generally recognized health risk exposure.


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I saw that first spot on 16:9. The lady actually got burns on her face and neck from sitting next to the light. I couldn't believe it at first. After watching, I actually ordered an EMF detector and tested all the bulbs in my house. Very few gave off low readings.

After I found out that they give off radiation and a huge magnetic field, I learned that they are full of mercury. Makes sense why the cleanup instructions if one breaks says along the lines of wear a hazmat suit. Mercury, isn't that the reason for eliminating the old thermometers and thermostats? And then they go ahead and fill our lightbulbs with it? And, dont' tell you about it.

I've since changed most of my bulbs to LED. I've actually gone back to incandescent in the rooms where I need absolute bright light.