Washington: ‘Shutdown is antisemitic’


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In order to avoid the looming government Shutdown, Obama administration even applied the “Israeli honey-trap” on the pro-Israel majority in the Congress.

“In the absence of a continuing resolution, FY 2014 security assistance funding for Israel will be delayed until a continuing resolution or until full-year appropriation is passed,” said Marie Harf (former CIA Jewish propagandist) State Department spokeswoman said on Wednesday.

William Pfaff, Paris-based American author and a senior member of Zionist-Jewish-controlled Hudson Institute, also agree with Obama administration pitch.

“It’s reasonally to assume that the foreign political figures most profoundly affected by (Shutdown) this will be Benjamin Netanyahu, who addressed the UN General Assembly last Tuesday, and members of his government at home. The Israelis some time ago warped the use of term “existential” from its philosophical definition denoting intrinsic individual awareness of contingency and freedom to a propaganda use as meaning existence-threatening. What has happened in New York, Washington, Moscow, Tehran and Syria now constitute an existential threat to Israel (read the Zionist regime), in the true sense of the word,” posted Pfaff on his blog on October 2, 2013.

Many Americans don’t know how the US annual aid to foreign “friendly governments” work. Aid payments to all receiving governments, except the Zionist regime, is spread over 12 months. Israel, on the other hand, receives its total share in full on February 28 each year, which it deposits in the US banks and gets interest too!

It seems Obama administration and US lawmakers along with the Jewish Lobby are not concerned with the fact that over 700,000 of federal employees face unpaid leave, and national parks, museums and many buildings are closed since October 1, 2013.

Some pro-Palestine groups are planning to educate Americans how their tax dollars are supporting Israeli forces in killing innocent people in the Middle East. The American Muslims for Palestine has put an ad which reads, “Americans give Israel $3 billion per year! End Aparthied Now! Stop US aid to Israel.”

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