Truth feeder

Good evening, Toniose Soltec present in the Radiant Light of Holy God who watches, along with the Hosts, a most amazing array of antics and shenanigans being either attempted or played out on your planet at this very moment. For a most obvious ex*ample, the long string of Space Shuttle delays going on this past two weeks, since September 28th, in conjunction with some very specific storms, should be enough to tell those of you who have opened your eyes to Truth that much is afoot in that chess game being played out before your very eyes but unknown as such to the masses of walking asleep or walking dead.

On the geophysical front, activity has ramped up to a new level of intensity all around your globe, though the normal news media would be the last to let you know of same. And, as I have stated many times in the past, because of what has been purposely agitated, it is now very hard to separate what is “natural” earthquake and volcanic activity from what is the re*sult of man’s direct tinkerings, as natural reactions to all such tinkerings shall occur.

The planet is becoming more volatile with each passing day. The energy exchange between the tectonic plates is constant as Earth-Shan seeks to reach a geophysical balance. Ones must be on constant alert, for catastrophe could strike at ANYTIME, ANYWHERE! The most urgent message I can write is TO BE PREPARED! The emergency preparation list which used to be run regularly in CONTACT should be run again [see page 13] as a reminder to ones who drag their feet. (Check List is found at "Contact, the Phoenix Project" http://www.phoenixarchives.com/conta...095/101795.pdf , p. 13.

If Mother Earth were not a VERY durable creature herself, lovingly putting up with sustaining YOU for such a very long time, without much of a “thank you” from those who derive all physical sustenance from her giving—if she were not this most generous being, YOU would not have made it to this day of ex*periencing on her “skin”, so to speak. But you are like the an*noying fleas crawling around on the back of the longsuffering dog: there comes the time when even the most patient dog gives a mighty shake and those pesky fleas go flying. That is the con*dition rapidly building now upon great Mother Earth-Shan. Creation shall always seek order and balance, and those who do not conform to same shall simply suffer the consequences of their foolishness.

For several years now I have told you to watch Japan for clues as to timing for major earthquake and volcanic escalations worldwide, and specifically around the Pacific Ring of Fire, es*pecially as would affect the West Coast of the United States.

In a writing on 7/12/93 I wrote:

“Your Pacific Ocean is...ringed by a series of deep, under*water trenches that are unstable margins of lithospheric plates along which large-magnitude earthquakes occur.

“Please remember, if you will, the previous writings we have presented upon the subject and place known to you as Japan. Japan’s islands are exposed parts of mountains that rise from the ocean floor—some from extreme depths of the Japan Trench to the east, which extends to more than 34,000 feet. Japan’s high*est peak is Mount Fujiyama, the famous volcano, which rises to a height of 12,389 feet. The Japanese Islands actually are on the eastern-most edge of the Eurasian Plate, bounded by the Pa*cific Plate on the east and the Philippine Plate on the southeast.

“The Pacific Plate, as you have been shown before, is mov*ing in a northwesterly direction, and the Eurasian Plate is mov*ing in roughly an easterly direction, with the Indo-Australian Plate to the south moving in a northerly direction. This causes the little Philippine Plate to be squeezed from all sides, and thus is creating extreme amounts of pressure on the Japanese Is*lands, which are actually subducting beneath the Philippine Plate and the Pacific Plate. Because Japan sits on the very edge of the Eurasian Plate, it is where the most of the seismic activity oc*curs.

“An oceanic trench is a narrow, deep trough, parallel to the edge of a continent or an island arc. The continental slope forms the landward wall of the trench, its steepness often in*creasing with depth. The slope will typically be 4 to 5 degrees on the upper part, steepening to 10 to 15 degrees or greater near the bottom of the trench. The deepest spots on Earth, nearly 12 kilometers below sea level, are in oceanic trenches.

“In most parts of what you call the Circum-Pacific Belt, earthquakes, andesitic volcanoes and oceanic trenches are closely associated. Distinct ‘earthquake zones’ begin at oceanic trenches and slope landward and downward into the Earth at an angle of 30 to 60 degrees. These zones have been named Be*nioff Zones, after the man who first recognized them. All Be*nioff zones tend to slope under a continent, or a curved line of islands known as island arcs. Andesitic volcanoes may form the islands of the arc, or they may be found near the edge of a con*tinent that overlies a Benioff zone.

“These volcanoes form island arcs or erupt within young mountain ranges on the edges of continents. The rock produced by these volcanoes is usually andesite, a type of extrusive rock intermediate in composition between basaltic oceanic crust and the continental crustal material of granite.

“Oceanic trenches are marked by abnormally low heat flow, compared to normal ocean crust. This implies that the crust in trenches may be colder than normal crust. Oceanic trenches are also characterized by very large negative gravity anomalies. This implies, then, that trenches are being held down, out of isostatic equilibrium, resulting from equal pressure from all sides.

“Where an oceanic plate subducts beneath a plate with a con*tinent at its leading edge, the melting of the subducting oceanic plate occurs beneath the continent. Consequently, the rising melted material (basalt) passes through and mixes with the granite of the continental crust. This results in a continental arc of volcanoes along the edge of the continent—for example, the Cascade Mountains in your Pacific Northwest.

“If the spreading center producing the subduction plate is far enough from the subduction zone, an oceanic trench is well de*veloped along the margin of the continent. The Peru-Chile Trench is an example of such an occurrence, and the Andes Mountains are the result of a continental arc of volcanoes from which the rock, andesite, takes its name.

“So, what is all this about? Well, it is about that which is oc*curring within your Pacific Ring of Fire. The Japanese Islands are examples of the island arcs that were created from the vol*canic activity associated with the deep oceanic trench. The is*lands, then, are merely the tops of these ancient volcanic moun*tains but, seismically, due to their location on the subducting edge of a plate, they continue to be volatile relative to seismic and volcanic activity. The Aleutian Islands of Alaska are also in the same position as are the Japanese Islands and are subject to the exact same type of occurrences. Because of the trench off the coast of these islands, you will find that the occurrence of earthquakes here will also be quite high. It is also significant to note that the entire Pacific Plate—and those plates that lie on its boundaries—are in for much activity.

“Chelas, have we not been telling you ones over and over again that your world is in a state of massive change? Do you yet begin to get the picture that all the mountains and islands are moving and changing? Do you not yet see that the face of your world is changing on a moment-to-moment basis? Are you yet beginning to understand that that which you ones have placed so much value and security upon can crumble and be only a memory in a moment’s time?

“And yet, most of your world sits and continues as though it were merely business as usual. WAKE UP, PLANET EARTH!! IT IS NO LONGER BUSINESS AS USUAL. YOU ARE IN A TIME OF MASSIVE CHANGE—MASSIVE UP*HEAVAL AND IT IS TIME THAT YOU ONES GOT YOUR ACT TOGETHER! This time it is Japan (I use “is” because it is not over there by a long shot and there is still much more up*heaval and seismic-volcanic activity to follow). As I have stated before, Japan has just about had it, geologically speaking.”

And then, in a writing on 10/16/93 I wrote:

“I have written in past arrticles that the Islands of Japan were going to suffer greatly in the anticipated coming changes—and that has not changed. These little land masses are severely fractured and faulted now, beyond ability to continue to hold to*gether through much more shaking....

“The stresses and pressures have not relieved sufficiently to bring calm to this area, so it is not over yet by a long shot. So long as that Pacific Plate continues its massive movements, there is going to be continued earthquake activity in Japan, the Philip*pines, North and South America, and all the little island areas within the Pacific Ocean....

“You are standing at the doorway of MASSIVE change, and you have but to look upon that which is happening daily to ver*ify same.

Now let us take a look at a few recent events: A few weeks ago Mt. Izu (southeast of Tokyo) began to rumble with new vigor and caused several THOUSAND earthquakes in that vicinity within a short few days of counting time. Meanwhile, Mt. St. Helens in Washington State had begun shaking enough to cause local officials to push further out by a number of miles the “off limits” zone around the base of that barely sleeping gi*ant, as well as close all hiking trails near her base. At that same time even your CNN non-news mouthpiece was showing spec*tacular pictures of a long-dormant volcano in New Zealand which was now very much alive and interfering mightily with air traffic due to the height to which volcanic smoke and ash plumes were being hurled into the air. Then, most recently, a volcano in very southern Japan came to life—one that had been dormant for about 250 years.

Moreover, at critical fault-crossing locations in both Northern and Southern California regions, earthquake activity has esca*lated to many times the “usual” background level of shaking. In the greater Southern California area, average numbers of quakes per week of magnitude greater than or equal to 1 have risen from several hundred to over 1600 in mid August, and now are “leveling off” to about 1000 — for the moment. Meanwhile, at the triple junction point in Northern California, where the Hay*ward and Calaveras Faults intersect with the San Andreas, a bit south of San Jose and Silicon Valley, quake activity has in*creased on average by a factor of 10 in both frequency and in*tensity.

And as if that weren’t enough, the recent series of quakes on Mexico’s West Coast ought to sound a warning loud and clear that the West Coast of the United States is in a most unstable time. The news media even had the brass to tell you that the second Mexico quake, which was inland while the first was ap*proximately 3 miles out into the Pacific Ocean from the shore, was an aftershock of the first quake! Ok, if that’s what you people will swallow for news.

Well, the way things are going, that’s going to be a true statement—as everything IS connected to everything else and one quake precipitates the next and the next. But to conclude that such a pronouncement of “aftershock” means that all is ok, as in, “Well, it’s only an aftershock”, is by no means sound rea*soning! In fact, we are at a point of great difficulty in predict*ing earthquake and volcanic activity around your globe because the stress levels on those crustal plates, coupled with purposeful beam blasts from several sources (due to tit-for-tat warfare) coupled with those recently resumed South Pacific nuclear deto*nations by the French Government, all make for a most complex situation which sometimes extends beyond the envelope of pre*dictive scientific causal analysis

I could go on, but the point of my noting these events is sim*ply to indicate that you are in a time of accelerating cleansing activity on the part of Mother Earth and you should be prepared for some tough times ahead as a result of this inevitable cleans*ing process. We have written extensively on these matters over the past five or more years until we feel like an old phonograph record—but free will must prevail. We can but bring a small hint of the same sobering information to your attention as your own scientists are seeing yet are not permitted to share with the pub*lic. I shall not even remotely get into divulging what YOUR OWN scientists have at their desks which would scare the life out of you should they tell you the truth. But what else is new?

As I warned about preparations in that 7/12/93 writing:

“It is interesting, also, to note that the people who reside in your nation’s mid-section, though they be floating away with water [from the Midwest flooding in the summer of ‘93], have no potable water for consumption. How many of you have your “treated” water stored? How many in that place wish they had stored up some water for drinking?

“There is one dear child in Iowa who has followed and taken our suggestions very seriously, for she has water for consump*tion and has enough canned goods and supplies for her family to survive and live quite nicely, though her neighbors have quite a different situation. All the while, these same people thought she was out of her mind when she took her bedroom and turned it into a storehouse of water and canned goods. She is well pre*pared and now has time to catch up on her reading. Who’s laughing now?

“You see, we do not simply tell you to get these things in or*der to scare or promote a state of fear or panic, but we do have a little better idea of what is occurring upon your world than you who reside there, for we have benefit of the larger picture. We are merely trying to get your rear-ends through all these changes and upheavals that are coming upon you ones in these days. So your neighbors think you are nuts—who will survive and who will not? Which of you will be forced to go to your corrupt, Elite-controllers for a handout, and which of you can make it on your own? In which category do you ones wish to be?

“When the water is polluted and contaminated and full of fe*cal matter from your sewage plants—and typhoid, cholera and dysentery or worse set in—these ones get a whole different pic*ture of the way your world is. Most people in your Midwest are, this very day, standing in line for one gallon of water to share with their entire families and are forced to depend upon local shelters to provide them with meals and a dry bed in which to sleep.

“How many of you ones who have been receiving this on*going information have prepared sufficiently for your fami*lies, pets and loved ones? Would you have enough supplies stored in case there was a catastrophic event this day, or would you wind up being among those counted standing in line for the barest of survival essentials? How many of you have even considered doing so? How many have considered preparing, but have put it off believing that it could never happen to you? It might be a very good time for serious re*consideration of such things

“Those of you who live in the ‘earthquake zones’ of your United States need to be aware that there has been activity oc*curring all along the eastern edge of the Pacific Plate as well—from the Aleutian Islands all the way to South America. How many of you are prepared for a 7.8 or greater Earth*quake? Did you believe that because the predictions of May did not occur that you ones are off the hook? Guess again. You are going to experience earthquakes sooner or later (more than likely sooner), so you need to reconsider the situation in which you and your family will find themselves.

“Whether California drops off into the ocean or not, when the major earthquake hits that place there is going to be massive, massive damage and injury, and your water and food supplies are going to be gone. There will be literally millions—DID YOU HEAR ME, I SAID MILLIONS in the streets, homeless, in*jured, thirsty, hungry and sick. There will be no jobs to go to and no way to get there if there were. Such an event will be the end of civilization as you have come to know it, in that place, for the prime directive of all will be simply to survive one day to the next. The Government will not have funds to help all who will need it and the insurance companies will be broke to the point of collapse, so there will be no money available to ones for rebuilding. It will end up being your problem to try to put the pieces of life back together again.

“Those of you who reside in the large cities are at the great*est risk in more ways than one. First, this is where the greatest amount of death and damage will occur in a major earthquake. Second, they will also be the prison camps which your govern*ment will set up, because they will not know what else to do with you. Third, during a nuclear attack, they will be the great*est targets. You who live in the rural areas are in better condi*tion; however, you would be wise to store whatever you have means for acquiring—INCLUDING MEDICAL SUPPLIES, FOR THERE WILL BE LITTLE OR NO PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL CARE AVAILABLE!

“We are not playing around at little survival camp games this day, Chelas. This is a very, very serious time and we mean to instill a healthy amount of fear and attention within you so that your physical rear-ends might be saved, for it is not our desire that any should perish.

We are quite busy this day. Ones are dinking with the weather, the faults and the grid system. Chaos reigns on your planet. May God have mercy.

I am Toniose Soltec, come as one of the Hosts of God, to ful*fill His promise to you the people of Earth-Shan so that His peo*ple shall have means of survival in this transitioning evolution.

I bring this writing to a close with the warning to stay alert to your own inner nudgings and keep the Light of Holy God around you as you go about your daily chores—as a most serious time of gamesmanship is underway on your globe as various factions of the Elite controllers battle for the position of “king of the mountain”.

You of the ground grew are most cherished by all of us in the overseeing realms, as you are our front-line arms & legs for this planetary reclamation mission. Remember that we are NEVER farther away than a heartfelt call and we stand ready to assist as invited. Meanwhile we watch as Earth-Shan’s rebirthing pro*cess ramps up to higher gear and warn you that it shall be a time for much misery for those who remain unprepared.

Toniose Soltec to clear in God’s Holy Light of Radiance. Salu.