We didn't know this was being done so don't you worry about what our CIA is doing today?


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Project MK-ULTRAProject MKULTRA, or MK-ULTRA, is perhaps the most famous of the CIA mind-control programs. Experiments were conducted on CIA employees, military personnel, doctors, other government agents, prostitutes, prisoners, mentally ill patients, and members of the general public in order to study their reactions. Drugs were administered alone and in combination with other drugs and at varying doses and frequencies. The drugs included LSD, heroin, morphine, temazepam (used under code name MKSEARCH), mescaline, psilocybin, scopolamine, marijuana, alcohol, and sodium pentothal. In one case, LSD was given to subjects for 77 days straight. The project was later expanded to Canada, focusing on Nazi research and techniques for erasing memories and personalities.Of course not, Bruce. Try to focus.Yes, they are a long lived terrorist organization.Very true Maria.
yeah, and that was being done under Presidental Administrations that were much much more sane then the current one. It is very scary how much our government is trying to infringe on our civil liberties.


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Are you just finding out about that now? That was 40 years ago!What do you think they are doing now? Just go to your local University and try to find out what they are studying. If there is espionage potential, you'll find a corporation, supported by a foundation, supported by the US Government funding it.


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the cia has there own charter (you and i can't read it) and a vast budget. they're probably doing things scarier than that in iraq and afghan. now.

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The Democrats and Republicans will never put an end to this since they benefit along with the affluent and powerful in America. The late George Carlin(1937-2008) made people aware of how ordinary Americans suffer to keep few people in power. Hank Williams,Jr has a song "What You Don't Know(Won't Hurt You)"There are more that the information has been destroyed to ensure the truth does not comes out.Philip Burnett Franklin Ageeformer CIA covert agent Philip Agee paid dearly for the 1975 book, Inside the Company: CIA DiaryThere are more but writing their names could jepordize their lives and ability to make a living otherwise they would be blackballed/blacklisted. Being a whistleblower is extremely dangerous.