Weak eyesight...Any treatment?

Rose keller

New member
Hello. I heard that carrot is good for eyes but i don't have any information about the treatment of weak eye sight. Kindly help me in this matter. My eye sight is weak. tell me what should i do for making my eyes strong and healthy. reply must.
What is the nature of that weakness? Was it ever "normal"? How old are you? Do you have food allergies (that you know of) or any other kind of disorder/illness? Some more information is needed before any help can be reasonably given.
You can take vitamin A and D , these vitamins specially vitamin A is good for the better vision ,. so the combination of these vitamin easily available in the market. if you can take -cod liver oil which is very good for the better eye-sight
Rose keller - One glass of carrot juice per day will help your eye-sight. You can also try "Gulab (rose) Maraba" - which you can buy from an East Indian grocery store.
Vitamin A is the vital component to insure the good eye vision and eye health. Eat foods that contain high vitamin A Hopefully your would feel better after few days. Although its not a perfect treatment but its a natural thing and there is nothing like side effects in it..
Carrot and sweet potato are two best sources of vitamin A.