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Peter Hartcher is an Australian Jewish journalist, author and Editor of The Sydney Morning Herald. Recently he visited Israel as guest of Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce. From Tel Aviv he wrote his latest column, entitled Israel worried by ‘weakening’ US.

In it he quotes Israel’s Deputy Prime Minister, Dan Meridor, who is also the Minister for Intelligence and Nuclear Energy, saying: “America is tested at a pivotal moment in the history of the Middle East. The Arab world was watching the US closely: They look to America. If America does not seem to be able to contain the Iranian threat, will they go with Iran?”

That proves my long-standing thinking that the Zionist regime always prefers to use Americans as guinea-pig for the fulillment of their dream of Eretz Israel.

“This is of world-order magnitude. Israel, which depends on the US as its security guarantor, itself appears to have new doubts about US judgment,” Dan told Herald in an interview.

Dan Meridor, then, spice-up his point of view with the usual hasbara lies. For example, if the world community let Tehran become a nuclear power, both Egypt and Saudi Arabia would follow Tehran’s lead – “No more the responsible adults tell the kids what to do. When everybody has the bomb you can’t contain or control or interfere as America could do”. Can someone wake this idiot up by informing him; how come the “kids” did not buy the nuclear toys since 1960s, when their Jewish neighbor bought his first nuclear toy?

Dan also claimed that a weakend Egypt will weaken the “moderate” Fatah because it draws support from Egypt. As expected, the self-denying Zionist Jew doesn’t want to admit that Washington-Tel Aviv-Cairo, all have been supplying arms and training to Fatah to defeat Hamas and sell the Palestinian nation to Israel for pennies.

The best words of wisdom coming out of the radical Likudic Dan were: “This (weakening of Egypt) would mean the strengthening of the religious paradigm (the ghost of Muslim Brotherhood) and the weakening of the national paradigm. And Israel did not benefit from delay either: We can’t stay like this with undefined borders. We need to put an end to it if we can.”

I am sure, you would love to do that, Moshe – but seeing Jewish army’s performance during war with Lebanese Hizbullah – I am also sure you would rather like Washington to do your dirty laundry.

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