Weird Owl Sighting in 2006


Monday, March 16, 2009
Weird Owl Sighting in 2006

After dealing with kids having a tummy bug, getting it myself, and going to the beach on the one day no one was sick, I'm back. It's been 5 days or so, which is probably the longest I've gone without posting since October. Seeing as I really have nothing big to post about today however, I figured I'd share an odd owl sighting I had back in the winter months of 2006.

Well I guess there really isn't to much weird about seeing an owl normally, but it happened while I was in the middle of reading the book Communion by Whitley Streiber. For those who don't know, Communion is the first book Mr. Strieber wrote about his alien abduction experiences. Now one of the key features of the abduction experience mentioned in the book is that of a screen memories, or false memories put in place - by the aliens or whatever beings they are - of the abduction memories as an attempt to hide them. One of the most common things used to block these experiences, or so I've come across from a few different sources, including Communion, is owls or owl imagery.

Anyways, what made this sighting odd was that it happened while I was in the middle of Communion. I was outside at some apartments I used to live at, heading back in from taking out the trash. Suddenly I had this urge to look up at the sky and I saw something large and white that I couldn't make out and it gave me a bit of a start at first. As I watched it come closer I suddenly realized it was a large white owl. Don't get me however, I know this was no screen memory because I lost no time (one of the main signs of an abduction- unless of course they've mastered pausing time, which is probably a big impossibility), but the sychroncity of it was kind of funky and it was rather eerie at the same time.
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